Pollution and Allergy: Check with Klarify Test at Home

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Allergy and hayfever is on the rise year by year. We don’t really know why someone develops allergy, family history can play part and other conditions that are related like eczema. It can occur when the body’s immune system reacts to a particular substance as though it’s harmful. Those living with a form of allergy can experience a lot of symptoms: itchy eyes, sneezing, difficulty breathing, the symptoms can range from irritating to overwhelming or even life threatening. In case food intolerances it can be even more complex. 

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Late onset of asthma because of pollution?

Many people develop it in childhood but others experience late onset. It’s hard to know why. About a year and half ago for example, I experienced an episode of what has been later classed that possible late onset of asthma. The number of people having to face issues in cities like me are growing – so the GP told me, mainly because of the air pollution. But no tests were done then, this was just a guess. She then prescribed an inhaler to use it when I need it. 

Whilst I and many other people do a lot to fight environmental pollution with every possible tool we can – we still have to live right here and right now with these given circumstances because it cannot change from one day to the other. 

But since we have to live with it, it would be also great to know what causes these episodes apart from a common form. of “pollution” and how to deal with it the best we can – because an inhaler might just not cut it, or there are other ways.

Try Klarify to clarify

So I recently came across Klarify which is a home allergy test kit that is then examined in a laboratory and will offer you the answer what you are looking for wether you want to know if it’s allergy or just sensitivity – clears all the confusion you might have. It’s simple because you just need one kit to be tested for 249 allergens. You’ll get a detailed report based on your lab tests.

How it works

Simply purchase it online, do the home test, send it off for analysis and get your results within two weeks. The antibody Immunoglobulin E (IgE) plays a vital role in allergic reactions to many substances. The Klarify test can pick up on specific IgE antibodies and pinpoint potential triggers. Your blood sample is analysed using the innovative technology ALEX – Allergy Explorer. ALEX provides extensive multiplex testing of IgE levels. And so as I mentioned, this test detects your body’s reactions to 294 allergen extracts and allergen components. That allows for comprehensive precision testing right down to individual proteins in an allergen source.

After the test

Klarify will help you to move on and use your diagnosis to impove your life. Knowing the answer then you will allow you to make strategic changes in your lifestyle. What foods to avoid, if you are intolerant and now you know the answer what causes all the bloating and stomach pain. 

Klara app

So now you know what causes your reactions – Klara app (it’s a free app) can help you to manage them. If you’re affected by pollen from grass, trees or weeds, Klara can help you track your hay fever symptoms so you can manage your day.

Get daily pollen, weather and air quality data for any UK location, together with a 3-day forecast. Receive personalised allergy insights and discover daily tips, useful articles and much more.

Sounds good, no? Do you know. about any allergies you have or suspect you have allergies?

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