Popular Interior Design Trend Tips for 2018


Popular Interior Design Trend Tips for 2018

With some trends coming and going so fast, it can be hard to keep up. But, just because there are new ones coming our way doesn’t mean we have to rip everything out and start again, as many can be incorporated with other styles and ideas. Which trends are the hot tips for making our homes more comfortable and stylish in 2018?

Spa bathrooms

Not ‘old hat’ by any stretch of the imagination but looking at the number of people considering adding luxury to their bathroom by online search stats alone could make this the sneaky trend of 2018. And who wouldn’t want to sink into a bath of warm, relaxing water, complete with power jets, at the end of a busy day?

Mixing minimal with the traditional

There are all kinds of styles you can choose from, including rustic, traditional and vintage but there is one style that many think won’t suit them – minimalism. Stark white walls and a classic cohesiveness throughout, for many this is not the style that suits a family home. However, take key elements from it and install them in your home as the detail in a room, such as a frameless glass balustrade for the balcony or the landing, or a large sculptural light that is the stand out item in a room.

Eclectic interior


You want to create a cosy welcoming feel to your home and that means using a mix of textures to add depth. Stop a room looking flat by using the must-have fabrics of 2018 faux leather and velvet. Smooth to the touch, both add a ‘certain something’ to a space and more than a hint of decadence. If you plan on replacing your sofa this year, for example, make it a faux leather sofa in the iconic Chesterfield style.


They made a big showing in 2017 and the use of houseplants in design schemes is going nowhere this year by the looks of things. Any room no matter how vibrantly decorated or styled will always be uplifted by the addition of a plant or two. But if the real thing isn’t your bag, consider adding it by means of bold, plant patterned wallpaper. (One of my favourites: palm tree pattern!)

Colourful plants

Earthy neutrals

Grey hasn’t quite seen the end of its current lifespan in the home but if you want a change without adding too much colour, consider earthy neutrals such as sage with grey undertones. Other shades tipped to be big in 2018 include soft yellows, almost mustard in shade, jade and olive.

Brighten up

Neutral shades are all well and good but sometimes, you just need a splash of colour. So, what are the on-trend options when it comes to bright colours? Burnt orange and green, resplendent dazzling peacock blue and deep Bordeaux reds are hot tips. And then, of course, there is Pantone’s colour of the year, Ultra Violet to add a regal calmness to these troubled times. And don’t be frightened of creating your own eclectic mix of colour this year.

Look up!

Occasionally, a trend comes along that you either love or hate and we think that statement ceilings are a direct response to the flat, matte look that has dominated our homes for many seasons now. Making an effort with the ceiling, adding details and colours, for example, is an inventive way to transform a room.

minimalist lamp

Dark woods

It may spell the end of the Scandinavian look, at least for the time being, with the trend for dark wood expected to take hold in the coming months. We have become accustomed to light wood furniture being discreet, but it now seems we want pieces to stand out. Welcome dark wood furniture with textured detail that scream ‘look at me’!

Metallics are still in

Metallic finishes never really go away; the finish does change every now and then, however. Last year, we welcomed brass accessories back into the fold and although many of us were unsure, it seems that we finally falling in love with it. Which is great news because brass is hanging around, along with a slightly yellower gold. But if chrome is your thing, make sure it is a polished finish.

Amazing exterior doors

Saving the best till last is the trend that will brighten every street and avenue in the country – giving your front door a makeover! If you have a heavy wooden door or porch doors, take the time to sand it down, prime it and finish it with one of the many fantastic exterior paint shades, from golden yellow to pillar box red. Wait till the warmer weather of spring as this is a home improvement project that takes time to complete.

What do you see as the must-have interior design trends for 2018?

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