Preparing For Having A Baby: Why It Is Good To Be Aware

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Having a baby is never going to be an easy ride. Throughout your pregnancy you are probably already thinking about the giving birth element, and how scary that prospect will be. You are not alone. So many women for giving birth and those first days of motherhood, and it is completely normal to do so. However, one of the big issues that fuels that fear is the unknown, and sometimes ignorance isn’t really bliss when it comes down to it. So here are some of the things you may want to better prepare yourself for.


The birth plan may be out of the window

One of the things you prepare while you are pregnant is the birth plan and what you want and how you want to give birth and for so many first time mums, that may go along the lines of little to no pain relief and a birth that is as natural as possible. While this is always going to be something to aim for, prepare yourself for the fact that things may not go your way. You may want to get in the birthing pool, but your baby might have other plans. You may want a home birth, but you might need the help of medical staff in the hospital. Just be aware of the things that you might need to change to.

Who will be your birthing partner?

Your birthing partner is a crucial person in this moment, so make sure you pick wisely. In many cases people choose to have their partner with them, to witness the birth of their child. But sometimes this is not possible, so who might you want instead? You mother, a friend, a doula or professional. Think about your options ahead of time so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Those baby checks and what to expect

Once you have had your baby, you may not be aware that several checks will be done to ensure that your baby is healthy. From prick tests for blood, to a hearing test to check that all is as it should be. Sometimes at this stage issues can be raised, such as potential damage to your baby’s ear drum or canal, where hearing implants may be needed at a later stage to help your child hear. Of course, lots of these things are explained at the time, but it good to have some extra knowledge on what to expect when the time comes.


Be aware of all your options

Finally, take some time to be aware of all the possible ways that you may have to give birth. From cesarean section, to it being an emergency delivery or intervention. Sometimes these things happen and we don’t expect them to, and with them come there own level of recovery and things to consider after the event. It isn’t about being afraid of what is to come, but more about being informed so that you can remain calm in what can be a very overwhelming situation.

Let’s hope that these tips help you when it comes to preparing to give birth to your baby.


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