Preparing Your Home For Moving Out

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It’s always nice to move to another home, to feel confident in starting your new chapter, and enjoying all the potential opportunities that affords you. However, it’s also true that it takes a little bit of time to get there, following your plans to make sure everything is in order.

We’ve written about how to get the best out of your home move prior. No matter if you’re moving across the road or moving interstate, it’s a great idea to make sure you’re using a reliable removals company, and that you plan your journey to your new space so that you arrive fresh-faced and happy.

But how should you leave the property you’re moving out from? Important considerations, like ending your utility contracts and redirecting your mail are essential should you hope to enjoy a clean transition from property to property. Yet it’s also nice to give our prior homes a little respect, as if thanking them for keeping us safe for all those years, and of course, to help them remain as smart as possible for the new family moving in.

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Let’s see how that can be achieved, below:

Clean Thoroughly

It’s a nice idea to make sure the property is in more than acceptable condition by the time you leave. Sure, moving can sometimes be a messy process, but it’s nice to vacuum up, to make sure the surfaces are in order, and that the bathroom is clean before you go. Thankfully, a house with limited possessions within it is much easier to clean, so with a little help from your family, you don’t have to spend an undue amount of time doing this.

Cut Off All Utilities Physically

Of course, it might be that certain utilities have been switched off in your name, but they may be providing certain necessities to the property in the meantime. It can be good to switch off all of the electrical switches at the fuse box, make sure the water to your property is turned off, and that your internet or phone cables are carefully detached before you leave the home. Make sure all of the sockets are turned off and any leftover appliances are unplugged. This way, you’re allowing the home to remain in a fresh state before your buyers move in.

Secure The Property

Securing your property is essential if you’re about to move out. This means making sure gates and fences are in good condition, that you keep all windows and doors locked, and delivering your keys to the new owners or agent mediating the ownership transferal. You may also wish to leave a few notes around the house to help the new family settle in. Perhaps, for instance, your fusebox is hidden away pretty well, and so a friendly note helping them in can give them a feeling of comfort. It’s the little things that really count.

With this advice, we hope you can prepare your home for moving out, giving it one final goodbye and then starting your new life.

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