Product Review: My Nametags Hello Kitty Stickers

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I received the product directly from My Nametags as I often review products which are designed to make a mummy’s life easier. This definitely does.


The colour stickers are made to label children’s clothing and any other items (bags, cups, toys, sports equipment etc.) you need to. You can tag their things they take to nursery, classes or school. You can even stick it on their toys, cutlery, bottles, sippy cup at home to avoid confusion or siblings’ quarrel. No need to iron and they are dishwasher, microwave and steriliser proof. Quick and easy.


I myself used them on clothing items, because I want to label Bobcat’s spare clothes and coats when he starts nursery in April. According to the directions: “You can just apply a sticker to the clothing washing label, and it will stay on in the wash again and again.” So to see if it works, I applied the sticker to the care label of Bobcat’s favourite (er… my favourite) jumper and washed it three times so far. The result is: yes, it works very well. They stay on well through the washing machine and tumble dryer without fading, cracking or peeling. I somewhat expected this result as I noticed just how sticky the tag is. Once it’s on, you can’t move it, so make sure you’re careful enough when applying it. You can see on my photo, that I wasn’t really careful, so the sticker got a tiny little bit wrinkled, but not too bad.

I also like the idea of designing your own tag with your preferred colour. They are all very cute. You can see that mine is very boyish and that’s what I wanted.

Order them here: My Nametags Hello Kitty

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