Product Review – Purepotions Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturising Ointment

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imageMy son had mild eczema from around 3 months old till around 15 months old. Not too bad, a few itchy patches on his shoulders, one of his nipples (ouch!), arms and back. It was the worst between 6-12 months. We tried everything, prescribed formula, prescribed ointment, bath in luke warm water, switching to goats milk, stopped using fabric softener, started to use Ecozone washing balls (rubbish) and eventually prescribed steroid creams. Nothing helped, it was coming and going for no apparent reason, flare ups without any warning, nothing to blame it on. NHS scrape test said nothing, which has been confirmed even by a Harley Street private prick test too (the priciest money out of the window ever). Doctor told us, he’ll grow out of it, and if not, they can’t tell the reason, so just keep treating with ointment 2x a day and steroid cream when he has flare ups. Well, he did grow out of it, he’s now eczema free since 2-3 months at 20 months old. I now only put daily can you buy tramadol can you buy tramadol online legally online ointment all over his body after his evening bath. There is hope, mums ?

One thing helped a little when flare ups striked. Purepotions Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment This cream is NOT an eczema cream, and it’s not a miracle potion. I used it combined with his prescribed daily 2x ointment. When he had flare ups I put this on the patches instead of steroid cream and after a week – same effect as with steroid cream – they’re gone. Which was enough to make me happy. I was very worried about using steroids, I figured, that if it helps with the bad dryness of his skin, and he will stop scratching, that would be help. Scratching transfers germs and deepens the patches, making everything look and feel worse. This cream is certainly more natural than anything prescribed, containing only natural ingredients, so worth to try.

I found it a little pricey though, 30ml costs £7.99 If you use it on a daily basis and over a large skin area, it won’t las long.


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