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Protect Your Windows from All Weather Conditions with Window Shutters

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In the past, window shutters were not only functional, but they also had some aesthetic value. While protecting the interior from overheating in the summer or overcooling in the winter, shutters also made the houses more pleasant to the eye. What are window shutters used for now and what are their main benefits these days? Who would know the answers better than the real experts? That’s why we presented the above questions to the Quoting Team specialists from Fenbro, one of the most renowned suppliers of high-quality joinery on the Irish market. Here’s what they answered.

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Modern window shutters – main types

As the Fenbro Quoting Team emphasises, window shutters are nowadays used mostly as the means to provide privacy and protection from the excessive sunlight. However, that’s not their only function. Shutters can also very effectively protect the windows against all weather conditions, which is especially important for those of you who decided to invest in timber windows. Additionally, when it comes to the window shutters, Ireland is definitely one of the countries where shutters could and should be used to protect windows from the unfavourable weather elements, like wind, rain or heat.

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Adaptive roller window shutters

Mostly used in the existing buildings, this type of window shutters is not integrated with the window itself, allowing for installation at any chosen time. They provide a high level of protection against elements, as well as good sound and thermal insulation. Another benefit of adaptive shutters is that they don’t require any special preparations before installation. The latter makes them a perfect choice if you prefer not to interfere with the current state of your house.

Top-mounted roller window shutters

These window shutters are chosen mostly by those who want to provide complete blackout inside their homes. Top-mounted shutters can be installed without drilling any holes in the walls, because they are installed directly in the facade. They offer a very good level of security and protection from the external conditions, as well as great noise reduction and thermal insulation.

Concealed roller window shutters

Concealed shutters are commonly used as a very effective protection from wind and weather conditions, making them a perfect choice for all the owners of timber windows. Such shutters also provide a high level of burglary protection, significant noise reduction and excellent thermal insulation. This type of external window shutters is mainly intended for installation in new buildings and can be additionally equipped with a mosquito net, if there’s a need to do so.

Venetian window shutters

Venetian shutters are usually made of aluminium or timber tilting slats, which makes them a cost-effective solution to the sun control problem. This is not the only benefit of this type of window shutters, though: they also provide quite  significant noise reduction, as well as lower heat gain. You should take into consideration the fact that some models of Venetian shutters available on the market can provide excellent protection against wind and moisture as well.

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Fenbro – high quality window shutters and screen blinds

Fenbro is a company that focuses on supplying B2B and B2C customers in Ireland and other global markets with the best quality Polish joinery from the finest manufacturers and brands. Thanks to products and accessories available at Fenbro, windows and doors in your home can be effectively protected from the unfavourable external conditions. In Ireland (and in the near future, also in some other neighbouring markets) Fenbro provides a complete service: products, delivery, installation, guarantee and after-sales support.

More information about Fenbro offer of window shutters as well as other products and services is available on the company’s website:

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