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Installing art pieces in a residential or commercial setting can be perplexing. You might want to rearrange the art pieces at regular intervals or prefer hanging the pieces without drilling the walls. A picture hanging system can provide enhanced convenience and flexibility so that you’re able to display your beloved art pieces just the way you want. 

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While there are now several hanging systems for art pieces, some are more popular than others. Take a look at some of the most popular options that you can consider-

1. Standard Picture Hanging System

This is the most common type of hanging system used for pictures and other art pieces. It involves a rail system with cable/rod and hooks. You can choose from wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted rail based on your preference.

Depending on the rail you select, you can then choose from cable or rod, which will be used for hanging the art pieces. There is also an extensive range of hooks that are suitable for specific rails and rods.

2. Tensioned Display System

Tension display systems are getting increasingly popular, especially when multiple pieces of objects need to be displayed. The system involves shelf supports and clamps that are attached to an acrylic layer.

You can choose from a wide range of tension systems, single/double-sided clamps, shelf supports, and even landscape acrylic or acrylic pocket display to get the best results. 

3. Suspension Hanging System

Suspension hanging systems are generally ideal for commercial settings. You can choose from a variety of suspension hanging kits, like ceiling attachment, banner hanging kit, sign suspension kit, or poster hanging kit, based on the type of artwork you’d like to display.

If you select the ceiling attachment, you’ll have to pick your preferred hook or clamp, which will be used for suspending the artwork. Similarly, you can choose from portrait or landscape acrylic based on your requirements.

Selecting the Right Picture Hanging System

With so many hanging systems to choose from, it can be challenging for you to choose the best. Expert assistance of professional picture hanging service providers can be very valuable in such cases.

Some top picture hanging system sellers also offer expert hanging services to help you get the best results. They provide an extensive range of elements required to build custom hanging systems, along with professional hanging services, so that your art pieces are displayed just the way you want them. You can also check out this Remodelista post for some art display inspiration.

Professionals can help you select the best hanging system as per your requirements and even the components to build the system for enhanced display elegance and installation convenience.

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