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Put That Biscuit Down! Kicking That Sugar Fix Into Touch!

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You know the drill, if you want to be a healthier parent, you’ve got to get rid of the sweet treats in your life. It’s not as easy as this, is it? The fact of the matter is, when our kids are running us ragged, and we need a quick energy hit, we naturally reach for those sweet treats: biscuits, cakes, whatever is lying around. But instead of this, we know we need to be healthier. Are there any good ways for us to win the battle against sugar?

macaron food

 Understand The Detrimental Impacts

While we know that it can severely impact our teeth and results in us visiting an emergency dentist, there’s more to it than that. Sugar is just one of those things that can notice from the inside out. But the fact is, we don’t usually care. But these days, there’s a lot more information on how sugar really becomes a problem. You can look at this link to find out more about what sugar really does to you on the inside. It’s not pretty!

Identify Your Sugar Triggers

If you start to make a note of the times when you reach for the biscuit tin, perhaps there will be a link? Because stress causes the hormone cortisol to rush around your body, your blood sugar becomes raised, which results in cravings. On the other hand, it may not be to do with stress, but more of a habit. Identifying your lifestyle habits and seeing where they have taken root can give you the tools you need to kick the habit once and for all.

Load Up On The Essential Nutrients

Sugar is quick release energy, but if you continue to snack on these sugary treats, your energy levels peak and trough. Find sources of energy that release slowly, such as healthy fats, and protein. The ketogenic diet has been one of those approaches that many people have undertaken to become healthier in their life, and one of the pleasant side effects of this is more balanced energy. When you feel sated, you won’t be attempted to reach for the sugar bowl as much!

 Preparing As Much As Possible

Much like you have to lay all the kids clothes out the night before, you can let this be a template for how you eat food. If you fill up on a high protein breakfast, this will keep you feeling fuller for longer, minimising your temptations. In addition to this, if you plan your meals in advance, this also minimises those temptations. Hydration is one of the big things we need to be aware of. If you feel hungry, drink a glass of water, and wait 10 minutes to see if it was just thirst.

It’s an easy fix, and ditching the sugar once and for all can result in a major energy dip, but once you’ve gone through this, you find you will have more energy than ever before. It’s important that you eat the right foods, especially when your children are sapping your energy.

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