Red Cabbage, Orange and Pickled Beetroot Winter Salad

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Not every salad based on boring green leaves! Look at this beaut: a great vegetarian recipe, really fulfilling, tasty, warming, crunchy, colourful and it’s gorgeous. It’s a perfect winter salad, full with vitamins. Red cabbage has 10 times more vitamin A and twice as much iron as green cabbage. Pickled beets are easy to make at home, I used this recipe: The Spice House – Pickled Beets Pickling is a good way to preserve all the important vitamins and so pickled beetroot is rich in fibre, carbohydrates and magnesium. I love it on its own, but you can pair it with other meals like fish cakes. It will be perfectly fine in the fridge for a day more. Takes about 15 minutes to chop up all the ingredients and throw them into a salad bowl. Voilà!



1/4 red cabbage finely shredded

1 large tramadol order no prescription orange

2 handfuls of chopped pickled beetroot (around 6 slices)

2 small apples cored and chopped

1/3 red onion thinly sliced

3 handfuls of chopped and toasted walnut

For the dressing:

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp olive oil

handful of orange zest

1 segment of orange juiced

salt and pepper


Zest the orange, set the zest aside for the dressing, then peel the orange and finely cut the remaining white skin off. Cut the segments into 3-4 small pieces. Leave one segment for the dressing. Chop everything else up and put them into a salad bowl. Toast the walnut pieces in a small frying pan over low heat. Be careful, they can burn easily. Add them to the salad. In a small bowl whisk the dressing ingredients, juice the remaining orange segment into the dressing and pour the ready mixture over the salad. Mix well.

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