Reducing The Boundary Between Home & Garden

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It’s pretty clear that the ‘home boundaries’ we set up are there for a reason. But it can be nice, particularly if you have a large garden, to reduce the boundary where necessary so that you can increase the space you may be able to enjoy, entertain more readily, and help you home look more natural.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to achieve this that still help you retain your privacy and allow your home to shine, no matter how large your garden is or how much square footing you have. This way, you can help open the navigable space of your interior blending well with the exterior, without having to invite the wildness of nature actually inside of your home.

This might sound vague so far, but with the specific advice laid out in this list, you’ll see just how achievable this process can be. With that in mind, please consider some of the following renovation or redecoration guidance. One thing is for sure, with this approach, your home’s value will certainly improve:

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Open, Wide Set, Sliding Doors

Curating a few visually open (as in windowed or totally open-panel), wide-set sliding doors can help you create little visual distance between your living area, kitchen, conservatory or dining space and the actual garden itself. This can help you relax in a large home that looks wonderful and vibrant while also giving yourself the security you need when closing those doors as necessary. You can also use fold-down blinds to prevent people from seeing into your home when you wish for more privacy, so you need not rob yourself of any function and aesthetic here.

Patios & Patio Blinds

Patios and patio blinds can make a massive difference regarding how you extend your space into the garden while also providing a middle ground of shelter and security. A sheltered patio area to entertain while also giving you the outside space necessary to feel comfortable can work wonders in how you approach and design your home for the better. You’ll be amazed at how this kind of approach can work, because developing an intermediate staging space like this gives you the comforts of both inner and exterior property design.

Wall Gardens & Plants

Wall gardens and indoor plants within the home near the opening door that looks onto your outside staging area can be a great way of inviting nature in while also having total control over it. Wall gardens can be particularly effective, because they require little upkeep, but can look fantastic while never intruding into your space. Most of us can benefit from having more greenery in our household, and this goes twice as much when it’s themed with the blurred boundaries between inside and outside. Failing a wall garden, potted plants in the conservatory can work just as well, looking wonderful, inviting and radiant.

With this advice, you’re sure to reduce the boundary between home and garden.

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