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Review and Giveaway: Phox – The World’s Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter

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You probably already know that plastic bottled water is an all round waste: companies that make bottled water only sell you plastic: access to water is an universal right (it should be, at least) and all they do is put water that runs in your tap anyway into plastic bottles and sell it. The majority of these bottles are never get recycled (only 9% of plastic waste ever gets recycled!) and ends up in landfill and in our rivers and seas. This is yesterday news – I’m sure most of my readers are fully aware of this.

The next best thing is water filters. Water filters are no more about wasting a lot of water, RO systems like the Homemaster’s reverse osmosis filter, produces high-quality filtered water and minimal waste water. Likewise there are water filter jugs available on the market that work very well: you purchase a kit of jug and cartridges, change the cartridge every month – discard old cartridge. It’s better than buying bottled water, but we still create lots of waste with the actual cartridges for they are made of plastic and hard to recycle.

Even if they get recycled, there is only so many times this type of plastic can be recycled (twice in fact) after that the plastic material becomes a total waste.  In fact, more than 100 million filter cartridges go to landfill each year.

Phox water jug

Phox water jug

But Phox Water came up with a revolutionary idea: refillable cartridges. So you buy the kit the same way: water filter jug but with a reusable cartridge and you refill that in every 45 days. The refills are in being sent to you in a letterbox size carton box. Simply open the cartridge and pour in the fresh filter granules every 45 days.

With zero disposable plastic and letterbox friendly refills, the Phox V2 lifecycle emits 75% less C02 than competing brands.

What I thought about it

I was very impressed with the kit and the jug. Very easy to set it up (the instructions are fool proof, you can’t go wrong!) and enjoyed nice tasting water in a matter of minutes from opening the box. I chose the alkaline refill pack (this filter creates electrolyte rich alkaline water infused with magnesium. Harnessing anti-oxidant power. This multi stage filter with added minerals utilises a combination of natural ingredients which deliver tasty water with a pH level of 8 to 9.5.)

I think the price is right, compared to other water filter brands. This jug costs £39.99. But it’s partly heavy duty glass, so it’s not the average plastic design that’s available with other brands. (Other mainstream brands’ new designs are around £30) But! The filters come out cheaper with Phox, as the 3 months refills cost only £14 (whilst with other brands the cartridges cost around £17-25 for 3 months!) 

So all in all it’s the same – only, that you don’t have to worry about the plastic waste, disposing the waste cartridge and the refills are coming to you by post and you don’t have to worry about a thing!


Not only Phox products are eco-friendly, but the raw materials for the production are sustainably sourced as well. The manufacturing, packaging, design and distribution of the V2 (my jug pictured) is all done within a 50 mile radius of the Phox office in Glasgow.

Phox water jug refill


And you can win a jug or a bottle (you choose) too with 3 months refills! All you have to do is, enter below!

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Hope you enjoyed my Phox Water Giveaway!

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Review and Giveaway: Phox - The World's Most Eco-Friendly Water Filter


  1. I have not so far but would love to try one as it is better for you and the planet

  2. Hello, no I don’t use a water filter but I would be interested to try one. Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. I did. A well known brand and it wouldn’t fit in my fridge and the lid didn’t fit and fell into the water jug all the time. I got fed up and threw it out.

  4. I do use a water filter but it is a relatively cheap one and I get fed up of having to remove the filter to wash because it gets so full of limescale

  5. I have a cheap one but it’s not very effective and i often get limescale in my kettle I have been looking to upgrade to a better one so this would be fabulous

  6. I have one in my coffee maker but I’d like one just for drinking water as well.

  7. no, we’ve never had any reason to use one yet, if I knew of one I’d start using one! xx

  8. I currently use a Brita water filter, the water in Norfolk isn’t very nice if you don’t!

  9. We don’t currently use a water filter but it is something we would like to start using!

  10. I have had a Brita filter jug for many years but could certainly do with a new one

  11. not yet, but i really should be .. our water smells so strongly of chlorine!

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