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Review: Bobbi Beck Sustainably Made, Plastic Free Wallpaper

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When it comes to home decoration and DIY, until now at least, I remember spending ages with researching sustainable, eco-friendly and plastic/toxin free materials. Paints, flooring, carpet and wallpaper were hard to find, and even if I did, they were very expensive. Or the colour and pattern choices were quite limited.

Let me introduce you to Bobbi Beck, the eco-friendly wallpaper design and print studio, based in Cornwall in the UK. Bobbi Beck sells beautiful wallpapers, anyone can find something for their own taste as they have lots of different designs that are made to order.

bobbi beck wallpaper

How is Bobbi Beck sustainable?

You might know already, that although wallpaper is made of paper – or supposed to anyway – it’s not that obvious. Modern wallpapers are often a mix material of paper, metallics and plastics (often harmful coating added); therefore it’s impossible to recycle them. However, Bobbi Beck’s paper is sourced from FSC-certified forests. It contains no plastics and is fully recyclable after use (just use eco-friendly paste). The inks they use for printing the wallpaper are water-based. Even the packaging is plastic free. They only use cardboard box, paper shred and tissue paper for shipping. And again, eco-friendly ink for the labels and the box.

The fact that it’s made to order is part of their commitment to sustainability: not only they have an eco-friendly range of products but their production and trade are also contribute positively to a greener world environmentally, socially and economically. So because it’s made-to-order, they don’t use a large warehouse that runs on lots of energy. Instead they just use a print studio and office space that runs on 100% renewable energy and so they also produce next-to-no waste, apart from using less energy.

Additionally, they also work with partners to support environmental projects around the world. (Like being DHL Go Green Partner and planting a tree with Ecologi for every sale they make).

bobbi beck wallpaper

bobbi beck wallpaper

bobbi beck plastic free wallpaper

bobbi beck wallpaper

What I thought about it

I chose the Pink Retro Memphis Design Wallpaper, for the children’s room. This design comes in extra wide (75cm) strips with roll. height 7m, cost £75 per roll and the shipping is free. A non-woven 215 gsm, light sand textured, coated satin finish and Class A European standard fire rating.

I had the idea of covering all walls but in the end we opted for a feature wall as the colourful and busy design is perfect for that. I had decorators putting it up and they managed to get toxin and plastic free paste. They said they had no problem working with the wallpaper, they used a perfectly standard way of putting it up: applying the glue to the wall first, so they didn’t need a table to work on. The pattern match is straight so with that they were finished with the feature wall within an hour.

I personally love the pattern, I do love pop art and I think it’s perfect for kids room too. They are fun and arty but not childish at all. 

For me, this plastic free wallpaper is a total win for the price, quality of the product, eco-credentials and speedy shipping.

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