Review: Boost Your Energy Level With Pharmaton Vitality

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I’ve been taking multivitamins since my teenage years, sometimes combined with extra iron, since I always battled with low iron levels and even fatigue when I was younger. I generally feel that my energy level goes lower whenever I stop for a week or so. This always reassures me that my body needs that extra boost. Even though I can safely say I’m on a healthy and balanced diet: I’m vegetarian so I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Although I’m not a fan of milk, I eat other milk products (safe to say that I’m addicted to cheese). I often eat quinoa, farro, beans and lentils which are rich in protein.

I could do with more exercise but it’s hard to make time for it when you have two small children.
Speaking of which, being a full time mum of these two cuties is a 24/7 duty. I probably don’t need to explain why. Early morning starts, late bedtimes, wakings during nighttime. You can’t just stop because you have a cold, so better avoid the colds what your kids bring home fortnightly.
So, I use multivitamins to fill those gaps by not eating much on some days and help me to recharge. Since giving birth I also have very heavy periods when I just generally feel weak for a day or two.
The other reason I take multivitamins regularly is, that because I believe that both soil quality and fertility is declining, therefore the produces are becoming less nutritious. Multivitamins can cover that loss too.

Throughout the past month I tried a new one, which I never used before called Pharmaton Vitality Capsules from Sanofi. This multivitamin is designed to relieve tiredness and restore vitality according to this fitness site. It contains ginseng G115 which improves aspects of working memory. These results are clinically proven.

My results:

Since I’m not getting enough sleep lately, I thought I should try this, there’s nothing to loose. After 2-3 weeks of taking the vitamins everyday (I had to set a daily reminder as I forget everything), I noticed some positive signs like avoiding the post lunch energy loss. I’m now also able to stay up a little bit later and do some jobs which require brain work. Which are great results for me!

Disclaimer: I received this product for my honest and unbiased review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are mine.


  1. It sounds like they’ve had a really positive effect on you. I’m rubbish with remembering to take things like this so setting a reminder on your phone sounds like a great idea.

  2. Ooh I’ve been thinking about trying something like this lately as I am tired ALL the time! It sounds like you’ve seen some positive effects which is great, I think I will give them a try!

  3. This post caught my attention as I am SO tired at the moment, as you say it is hard to get out and do exercise/have time for yourself with little ones so anything that can boost my energy is worth a try! i didn’t know about the ‘soil quality and fertility’ which means we could lack in vitamins so I really must try and take a multivitamin – hopefully it’ll help with both

  4. Oooh, I’ve been looking out for something like this! Heading off to buy these, your review makes them sound perfect for me

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