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Review: Eco-Friendly Zebra ZSB Series Label Printer

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As you might know I also run a zero waste shop apart from blogging. It seemed like an obvious move to help people to go plastic free, waste less and help them to make more eco friendly choices. Our zero waste shop is located in Surbiton, South-West London; and it is primarily a refill shop but we also have non perishable goods that we ship UK wide. 

When Zebra got into contact to work together on a ZSB label printer and a Zebra ZSB series review I immediately said yes as I spotted it over at Lylia Rose and have read about how useful it is.

zebra printer

About the Zebra label printers

  • Crop, rotate, and print shipping labels, barcodes, and a variety of label content right from your mobile device. Compatible with major shipping carriers and e-commerce platforms.
  • Design custom labels from scratch and print using the ZSB Label Designer on your PC or Mac with the help of cloud. If you make changes to your designs from any device, it automatically syncs with the others.
  • Seamlessly import data from your Microsoft Word/Excel documents and Google Contacts to use with your labels on your PC or Mac.
  • Sync labels from your PC or Mac to the cloud and print using the ZSB Series mobile app on iOS or Android devices.

zebra printer

zebra printer

What we thought about it

So first of all, I must say as a small startup business we don’t have money to waste. When we purchase something, we make sure we’ve read all the reviews, learn as much about the product as we can before deciding to buy it. In this sense, this Zebra printer is well priced product at £99. 

Secondly, setting up and running it has to be simple so we we can quickly start using it and also teach employees in a short time how to operate it as we don’t have the time of resource to spend hours on this. So this was another positive thing about the label printer: setting it up literally meant: take it out of the box, download the app to your phone (both Apple and Android), register, read instructions, power it up, ready to use.

Thirdly, we don’t have wifi in the shop. We just use our 5G on the phone. However inquiring about this at support, they have immediately confirmed that whilst the machine works with wifi, a hotspot of 4G/5G also will do; which is great. Also very helpful to know as we are no IT crowd.

All in all it’s super useful to print all sorts of labels; shipping labels, barcodes, addresses. There’s even smaller and bigger multipurpose sets are available. So you can add your branding design and it’s ready to go. There are even more options.

And most importantly it’s eco-friendly. Of course every single thing we buy for the business needs to be. All the Zebra label printer cartridges are made from potato starch. They can also be recycled. (Just remove the small chip) You can even compost the empty cartridge as it’s potato starch. How cool is that? The rest of the packaging is card board in 95% so those are widely recycled. We hope our Zebra ZSB series review is useful for you.

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