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I have thousands of photos of the little ones. Who hasn’t? Yes, I also share them on social media. I’m proud of them. Who doesn’t? They are so cute I just can’t keep all this cuteness to myself, can I? 🙂 But hey, I also enjoy looking at photos of my friends’ babies and yes, hate to listen to people moaning about how pictures of children and weddings are flooding their newsfeeds. Really? Get a grip. That’s life.





So I was invited to review an application called First Baby Moments, which creates cute stickers for your mobile photos. You can label them by age or by milestones.



They look like these:


Quite cute 🙂

The app has a very simple and clean layout, there’s only a few options so it’s easy to follow the instructions. It does what it promises: you select the photo, then select the sticker card, stick it wherever you prefer on the photo and just save it or post it instantly to your social media accounts. Easy. There’s 83 very cute cards to choose from and on the app’s homepage you’ll find some printable post cards.

What I love the most are the milestone and age category stickers. The other day, I was trying to find Bobcat’s first smiley photos and this sticker would have made it a lot easier to find them.

You can also print them for an album or send a monthly pic to the  grandparents.

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