Review: Industville Handmade Table Lamps

brass lamp

Gifted item.

We are moving into our new home soon and since we have never owned a house before – only a flat – suddenly we have a different space to work with. A larger living room requires only a few statement pieces (in my view anyway!). I determined no to fill the space with too much furniture and decor items, but also can’t have it half empty. It’s a delicate balance I am aiming for: a home that’s got ambient and style but at the same time it’s a functional space for our family. Not impossible, is it? The right lighting can be crucial.

When it comes to creating living space with ambient, beautiful lighting always plays an important role. Lighting design can become a statement item on its own: both by function and by appearance.  I think it’s a good idea to mix ambient and accent lighting too, where statement lighting fixtures can become the focal point, yet together they reach the mood I’d like to achieve.

Luckily, I was gifted this beaut form Industville. Let me introduce you to the brand before jumping onto the review.

brass lamp - Review: Industville Handmade Table Lamps

About Industville

Industville have just launched 4 new collections of handmade table lamps, crafted from high-quality materials and with a strong focus on sustainability. But even before this, Industville was and is a modern design-led space for functional interior items that are also decorative and stand the test of time because of their quality.  Modern in design but created by traditional craftsmanship, made by hand, and by using classic machinery. Their dedication lies within each detailed piece that reflects commitment, skill and craft. I always say, not everything necessary shouts ‘sustainability’ in the new way we are getting used to – but whispers it in a traditional way: made to last, easy to repair and doesn’t create excessive amount of waste.

However, Industville still went beyond this and created new collections made with natural materials, recycled metals and glass and with the necessary plastic bits kept to the very minimum: 

  • Wooden Geometric Table Lamps
  • Marble Table Lamps
  • Metal Base Ornate Table Lamps
  • Metal Base Pillar Geometric Table Lamps

Apart from this, Industville is also revised their packaging and swapped for carton packaging with biodegradable bubble wrap. They also introduced lower carbon shipping methods. As part of the WEEE European recycling scheme (EU rules on treating waste electrical and electronic equipment, to contribute to a circular economy) Industville aims to facilitate their progression towards a fully circular material economy. 

What I chose

I chose the Pillar Cylinder Table Lamp – Brass with large, white drum shade. It’s also available with pewter base and with black shade in different shapes. 

What I thought about it

This lamp has the oomph a statement piece needs, yet it’s elegant, looks modern and would complement to any style. Would go well with muted modern, mid-century, maximalist, minimalist, art deco, futuristic – really with everything, it’s such a clever design. The lampshade looks sophisticated and sleek and the brass base is sheer perfection in shape, size and volume. It’s a heavy base, will not dent easily. It’s got a beautiful, soft finish: not too shiny and gold looking. Its size and light make a corner of the room fully occupied. The cord is beautifully finished with thick, outer textile thread, not cheap plastic. It’s hands down one of the most gorgeous lamps I’ve seen, you can’t see such quality and beauty in the high street shops, not even in the designer ones where you’d pay a lot more for a similar item. I’m very happy with it. RRP is £199 which is a reasonable price for a hand made lamp.

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