Review: InstaNatural Aloe Vera Gel

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I received this fab product as I often review natural and organic skin care products. I am a huge fan of 100% aloe vera products, because they work. Simply. I was introduced to the miraculous effect of the pure aloe vera years ago, when I was living in Ibiza and I paid my first visit to Casita Verde, which is the headquarters of the Green Heart organisation. They turned Aloe Vera into everything: food, juice, skin care products, you name it. Ever since, I regularly use it, primarily as an everyday skin salvation.


No wonder, I was very excited to receive this product. And it didn’t disappoint me. I’ve tried a couple of different aloe vera gels before, and InstaNaturals’ gel clearly is an outstanding one. I used it for my hair and skin all over my body and one thing I’d like to highlight: it’s a great relief for itchy bump skin! I’m pregnant and as some other mums already surely know this: itchy bump caused by the slowly stretching skin can be quite annoying. The gel’s deep hydration capabilities, however, worked very well. I applied it right after shower and the soothing feeling lasted all day, no itching. Lovely cooling sensation right after application. It’s great for me all year round as my skin gets dry in the winter and it’s quite visible on my hands. The gel worked well for that too. As for my hair, I used it as a conditioner after my regular shampoo and left it on a for a few minutes. I’m very pleased with the effects in this case too. It’s got lovely, natural aloe vera smell and a very smooth texture. My skin absorbed it very quickly, much quicker than a cream based moisturizer.


And another good point: it’s cruelty free! The company started as a small local business in Florida. The product line was developed by focusing on using premium organic and natural ingredients in their formulations without the use of harmful parabens or ingredients. Learn more: UK customers can purchase the products on Amazon: Aloe Vera Gel for face and hair


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