Review: Lands’ End Bathrobes for Men and Women

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It’s a little colder these days, so we definitely need to keep our bathrobes on, over the pjs in the mornings and evenings. A good bathrobe is warm and cosy – I’ll be honest with you, I love classic shapes and materials because of it’s function. Keeping a bathrobe on when at home and turning the thermostat down by a bit is the way forward for saving on energy prices and doing our bit for the planet – and it can even be good for your health: just a few degrees can improve your fat and blood sugar metabolism, boost your mood, and may even protect you against type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. So put those warm and cosy bathrobes on! 

I was lucky enough to be sent two lovely bathrobes from Lands’ End. They are a his and hers – so read on to find out what I thought about them.

lands end bathrobe

About Lands’ End

Founded in 1963 in Chicago, Land’s End started as a selling yachting equipment store for racing sailors. (Fun fact: the name came from a printing mistake; the apostrophe should be between the “d” and “s’ as Land’s End – but because as a small startup in those days they could afford to reprint the first catalogues, it just stayed like that.) They quickly became popular, because of their products’ quality and honest value. Since then, over the decades they have added comfortable clothes and shoes of leisure and outdoor lifestyle – still remaining true to their quality and value promises from the very beginning.

Mission and Sustainability

Not only their products made for life and last long, Lans’ End also pride themselves as a brand that has a clear sustainability goal planned out and also hitting their targets of making their products on a more environmentally friendly way. This means, they have reduced their water consumption, creating a recycling scheme to reach circularity and going forward by 2025 they want to achieve:

  • 100% of polyester fibres coming from a recycled source
  • 100% of cotton coming from a sustainable source
  • 100% sustainable packaging and labelling

They have partnered with the and OEKO-Tex as well (and others) for support.

In my opinion, the brands that are taking active approach to reduce their environmental impact really deserve the spot light and can inspire other brands to do the same. We all know, more and more people customer demand this – and luckily brands like Lands’ End are not only listening but acting too, not only transforming their production but operation as well.

lands end bathrobe

What I Thought About Them

I have received Men’s Turkish Terry Bath Robe in vine colour.  This 100% cotton, terry bathrobe is a real classic. As a gift, you can definitely can’t go wrong with it. It also comes in a variety of colours. Made in state-of-the-art mills by skilled artisans with generations of expertise. Cozy, warm bathrobe that’s perfect for after a shower, or over pyjamas on a chilly evening or morning. The colour is beautiful, and the material is soft. Husband loves it very much – I reckon, he’ll be using it for about 10 years, like the one before. The quality is excellent, by the first look and touch, you can really tell.

It’s currently on sale at £40 (normally £90) and for £3.50 you can have it monogrammed, which makes it very elegant!

For myself, I have chosen this Women’s Softest Fleece Long Dressing Gown, it’s so luxuriously soft and cuddly! Oh I never had such a beautiful, elegant bathrobe, I’m in love with it! It also comes in a variety of colours and lengths too. 

It’s currently available from £30 (normally £60)

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