Review: Origin Hybrid Single Mattress for Children

origin hybrid mattress review

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Last week, I wrote up my review of the Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress which we received from Origin to test. We placed that into my boy’s room and he has been very happy with his new, comfortable and supporting mattress ever since. You can read the review here: Review: Origin Hybrid Pro Mattress for Children.

This week, I’m going to share my review of the other mattress we received for testing: the Origin Hybrid Single Mattress.

It was about time to swap the kids’ mattresses for a much better, premium quality mattress as they had very basic mattresses for 2 years now, and we kept saying when we move house (which we just did back in December) we’ll get them a proper mattress. We all know that a good mattress is in valuable when it comes to your children’s good night sleep. It’s also an important investment you can make, because we don’t just buy a mattress for a few years, but you expect it to use it for a decade. 

But first, let’s learn about the brand a little more.

origin hybrid mattress review

About the Origin Hybrid Single Mattress

Origin was founded in 2018 in Germany, and they are a sleep-tech company, meaning they don’t only just make premium quality mattresses, but they also have a strong focus on constantly improving the products and the technologies behind them. Origin has a team of science experts that include innovative engineers and medical therapists like physiologists and chiropractors, to help them to design the best and most modern mattresses. Today, they are present in United States of America, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United Kingdom as well.

Sustainability efforts

Of course, sustainability efforts of any brand I review are core values for me. I need to be sure, that the brand is on board with my efforts of making the world a better place and preserving it for the younger generations.

At Origin they implement the following protocol:

  • All of their returned mattresses are donated to the British Heart Foundation, so they won’t go to landfills
  • Origin plants a tree across the UK for every mattress sold
  • Origin mattresses are made with special eco-friendly blends developed in-house

What I’d like to add to this, is that every time we purchase something and we keep it in use a long time – is already an eco-conscious purchase decision. The opposite of fast fashion, fast food, fast anything. It is because the more use you get out of something, the better for the environment. The better the quality, the more likely we can use something for a long time. 


The multi-award winning mattresses received numerous recommendations from the Good Housekeeping, TechRadar, Bazaar and Good Design Award in a space of a few years.

origin hybrid mattress review

origin hybrid mattress review

origin hybrid mattress review

About the Origin Hybrid 

This is a budget-friendlier option compared to the Origin Hybrid Pro, but not compromising on the quality and the high-tech design. A great value for money and perfect for all types of sleeping positions. Designed by orthopedics and engineered for pain-free sleep.

  • Advanced 6-layer integrated design
  • “CHOICE® Recommended” & “Good Design Winner” 2023
  • IceCool Foam for cooling comfort & gentle support
  • 3000 twice tempered steel springs for optimal spinal alignment
  • Origin Hexagrid material for deep pressure relief
  • Hypoallergenic surface for sensitive skin
  • Complies with CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX®.

They offer 15 years of guarantee (which is really proving they are certain about the quality of the product) and 200-night free trial (again, that’s over half a year!) RRP is £465 – but they have a sale on currently with a whopping 45% off the price.

origin hybrid mattress review

Review – What I thought about the Origin Hybrid Single Mattress

Reader’s discount a further 20% off of your purchase: use Eva20OFF2112 at check out.

Much like a the Origin Hybrid Pro, this is a tall mattress too, all those layers need a bit of a space. Came in the same cardboard box packaging and also very heavy – I coped on my own dragging the box upstairs and putting the mattress into the bed frame – but another pair of hand would have made it easier.

The top layer is Tencel – and I adore Tencel, it’s my favourite eco-friendly man made material (it’s made of natural cellulosic fibers derived from wood pulp that are soft, sustainable and versatile). Love it. Furthermore, The Origin Hybrid complies with CertiPUR-US® and CeriOEKO-TEX®.

My daughter said it’s the comfiest mattress ever, just like sleeping on a cloud and she did have very good night sleeps so far. It’s snuggly but offers proper back support. She’s another child who tends to overheat during sleep – I think a lot of children are like that – so the cooling effect of the top layer, plus the IceCool Foam together are really helpful in reducing night sweat. She doesn’t wake up sweating like mad, she doesn’t even stir to be honest. This is such a great feature. 

To me as a parent, apart from the above it’s very important that her back gets adequate orthopeadic support and that the mattress doesn’t contain or covered in chemical substances that are harmful and can cause allergies, but made with eco-friendly materials.

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