Review: PAJ Allround Finder 4G

PAJ GPS Allround Finder

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I received this clever little gadget from PAJ GPS, they make GPS tracker devices for all sorts of different areas in life: tracking and locating your car thus providing theft-protection, personal-tracker (children and elderly), pet-tracker – so many things you want to keep a close eye on and know where they are at all times. With the help of the tracker devices you can respond immediately in emergency because you get notifications instantly.

GPS trackers can help in various ways– the safety of your valuable assets, children’s rescue, teen driving surveillance, the prevention of elderly people from all dangers, and more. The biggest benefit of these trackers is that they are user-friendly, and are compatible with smartphones.

PAJ GPS Allround Finder

From the available trackers of PAJ GPS I chose the PAJ Allround Finder 4G Device and here’s what I thought about it.

About the PAJ Allround Finder 4G Device

  • Small device (fits in a palm, weighing only 140g) so it’s easy to carry it, put it into pockets, hide it etc.
  • The battery lasts approximately 20 days with 1 hour tracking a day and 40 days in standby mode
  • SIM card included – this will allow you to be connected to the best available network at all times. The SIM uses different networks it’s a good thing in terms of coverage
  • Great tracking device for motor vehicles, bicycles, bees/beekeepers, horses, children, elderly people, garden tools, instruments, suitcases – and more
  • GPS accuracy up to 5 metres
  • Affordable and cheap to operate

PAJ GPS Allround Finder

PAJ GPS Allround Finder

PAJ GPS Allround Finder

What’s included:

  • Instruction manual
  • The finder device
  • Sim card already installed inside the Finder GPS Tracker (do not remove)
  • Small carry pouch
  • Charger cable
  • USB power outlet adapter

My review:

In its category the PAJ Allround Finder 4G Device it’s an affordable choice at £49.99. It is a well made product, just by at the first glance you can tell the design is far from being cheap. More importantly, it’s  really simple to use, all you need to do is put it on a minimum of 8 hours charging before the first time use, then just activate the SIM card online via the product/QR code and within seconds it’s working, there’s a little extra cost (£5.99 per month) to receive alerts. Alerts can go to your phone, email, or both. the PC browser software and mobile apps are worth installing, the former provides access to the map settings and unit alerts.

The device is VERY accurate, even moving around your body will be picked up by the tracker.  It gives you precise, worldwide, live location information – this is the most important benefit in my view. It’s even splash-proof too!

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