Review: Solios Sustainable Solar-Powered Watches

Solios Watch

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About Solios sustainable watches

Solios was founded by university friends Samuel Leroux and Alexandre Desabrais in Montreal and since the beginning, Solios aims to prove that it is possible to reconcile design, elegance and sustainability. No compromise here: each one of Solios sustainable watches features carefully curated materials, ethical processes complemented by minimalist aesthetics.

Solios Watch

What makes Solios sustainable?

So Solios watches – as their name stands for it, are powered by solar batteries, with the help of the most environmentally friendly energy. Never need to change battery. In order the make Solios watches as sustainable as possible this was the first step. But also, very importantly. the watches are made of ethical and very durable materials, so that they can last a long time. Decades in fact. Their aesthetics are also designed to be timeless.

The different strap options are also sustainable. Whilst most vegan leathers are simply made of plastic, so basically they are faux leather straps, Solios’ vegan leather is made with silicone and it’s free of PU, PVC, phthalates, heavy metals, solvents, and toxic by-products. The mesh strap option is also sustainably produced, because it’s made with thick and ionic dyes, your watch won’t lose its shine over time. The recycled stainless steel in 316L is known to be robust and last through time. The glass of the watch is made of hardened mineral glass, with a sapphire coating, and an anti-reflection coating. 

Furthermore, Solios is trying to encourage circular economy, they developed a watch recycling program, where people can send back their old watches, from any brand, and Solios makes sure that most pieces of your watch will be recycled. 

Even the packaging of the watch is as sustainable as it gets. It’s shipped in a 100% (certified) recycled cardboard, locally sourced, using water-based ink, 100% recyclable. No faff attached like ribbons, magnets, or soft-touch finish that would make it non-recyclable. The watch rests on a cork pillow.

Solios Watch

What makes Solios ethical?

But of course, these sustainable points are very important. And so are the ethical aspects. Solios has manufacturing partners all over the world and they are hand picked to make sure they meet the strict ethical requirements. Being a B Corp certified company, all production partners had to sign a legally binding Supplier Code of Conduct, including topics such as minimum-wage, security, and working hours, amongst others.

Solios is a vegan brand. No animal products used.

Solios sustainable watches

My review

I chose the Solar White with rose gold mesh strap and rose gold case. I’m just a rose gold watch gal. The size is 36mm (there’s a mini and a 40mm size available as well).

  • Movement: Solar Powered
  • Water Resistance: 30 meters
  • Glass: Sapphire Coated Hardened Mineral Glass
  • Case: 316L Stainless steel hypoallergenic case
  • Thickness: 8mm thin case
  • Reserve: 6 months power cell
  • Rechargeable: With natural and artificial light
  • Maintenance: No battery change needed (for ever)
  • Strap: Easily interchangeable straps

The watch is truly beautiful. Very elegant, timeless yet minimal when you look at the clock face. Absolute perfection. The rose gold makes if wearable to any occasion, dress up or down. I like a watch that goes with everything – and this is just that. The strap is adjustable which is good as I have thin wrist.

Solios sustainable watches

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