Review: Term Footwear Wellies

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Wellies are essential clothing items when you’re a young child. All that outdoorsy fun you don’t want to miss because of bad weather. In fact, that’s part of the fun. One word: PUDDLES. Have you met a kid who doesn’t find puddles the most exciting thing in the world? No, me neither. Bobcat is definitely a huge fan of them. Loves jumping into them and kicking the mud around. Shouts PUDDLE! every time he notices one. And goes straight for it. So he’s got a few pair of wellies, and we need to leave a pair in nursery too, for playing outside. The other reason he wears wellies quite happily, is that he has hyper mobility, so it’s simply comfortable for him and he’s ankle is well protected too.

Term Footwear is a small UK company specialising in children’s outdoor and school shoes for 7 years. Bobcat picked their Green Roll Top Wellies, his new favourite colour. They are very good quality and -with or without the removable socks – very comfy.

I find it very clever that they are coming with welly socks, so you don’t need to buy extra socks for winter wearing. In spring and summer time, simply remove them. Removing and putting the socks back is very easy, you can even put them on the child’s feet first, then put the wellies on. The wellies are made without using lead, nickle and cadmium. The other thing I found very good about the wellies, that there is a reflective strip on the back of the welly, making the child noticeable in the dark. The material is very durable, it meant to last for a season, but for me it even looks better than that, and possible to give it another life by passing it on to the younger sibling. After wearing them for avfew weeks, not much scuffs! With designs coming in 5 primary colours, they are made absolutely unisex. 

Bobcat loved his shiny, new wellies and it kept his feet lovely warm, and also protected his ankles.

Tip: when ordering them, select the size according to the season: in winter you’ll use the socks and when the socks are removed, the welly is one EU size larger, allowing room for growth.

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