Review: Wild Science Mobile Zoo Parties for Kids

wild science snake

I just must tell you about this – it was so much fun, and of a good kind! I discovered Wild Science, whilst looking for a last minute birthday party entertainer (was late on this, as usual, these days you need to book about 6 months ahead, crazy!) around Esher, where we live. Found Wild Science as an option and contacted them – but to be fair, I had no hopes at that point, 6 weeks before the party – seemed very unlikely that, they will have availability. But they did! Lucky me! The party was awesome – so let me introduce you to Wild Science, here’s my Review: Wild Science Mobile Zoo Parties for Kids.

wild science snake

wild science snake

About Wild Science

They offer two kind of party entertainment or workshops for kids: a Mobile Zoo and Science Experiments – hence the name Wild Science. I booked the Mobile Zoo, and along that I had to decide what I want the entertainer to talk about regarding the animals: classification, life cycles, food chains, rainforests, seasonal shows, habitats, mini beasts or nocturnal animals – or just a generic “animals & facts” event, talking about the animals present (tailored to the kids age). So, I opted for the latter as they are all around 8 years old, like my daughter. I also thought, well, it’s a birthday party, really, let’s keep it interesting but digestible for them. Along with the presentation, we get practically a mini petting zoo: children can meet and interact with the animals.

They also offer all the same above, but tailored for SEN kids. Which is brilliant. They cover all of the UK and they can also deliver workshops to schools to support curriculum learning (they can also bring bug and insect displays). But they can also be booked for care homes and make a great animal therapy sessions. Wild Science is the only provider in the UK offering Bed-Bound Tours. (I think that’s pretty amazing!)

Wild Science has a range of animals and a mix of invertebrates, mammals, reptiles and amphibians will be sent to the event, depending on the lengths you choose. No particular animal can be guaranteed – this is totally understandable, however I did tell them, my daughter loves bunnies, so it would be nice to include a bunny – which they did.

The other part of Wild Science, like I mentioned earlier, is the Science Experiment events. These interactive shows feature exciting science demonstrations and experiments that are designed to engage and educate children about science concepts such as chemical reactions, physics, and palaeontology. 

wild science

wild science bunny

Booking the event

I filled in a form online and a day later I received an email from Wild Science, detailing my options – pretty straight forward and easy. Picked what I wanted, paid the 50% deposit (rest of the payment will come out your account automatically 2 days before the event date), filled in the forms required for health and safety – that was it!

How much did it cost

The prices were offered – all inclusive:

  • 45 Minutes – £249
  • 1 Hour – £289
  • 1.5 Hours (2 x 45 mins) – £349
  • 2 Hours – £399

I chose an hour long presentation of Wild Science Mobile Zoo and we got 5 animals.

Wild Science recommends up to 30 children per group so each child will be able to hold and interact with each animal presented, however they can also cater for larger groups too if needed. 

wild science snake

What we thought about it

Needless to say the kids LOVED the party. We had about 15 little guests at this Wild Science Mobile Zoo Party, so everyone had apt time interacting with each animals. Our animal expert was lovely and superb with the kids! Very patient, engaging, but also very good at keeping the excitement levels bearable and managing boundaries. She wasn’t just a trained member but also a student zoologist. She made the event very interactive, asking questions like what do the children think the animal is from, what do they eat, etc.

We did get a bunny in the end – many thanks for that, guys! – as well as a giant millipede, a bearded dragon, a giant snail, and a little orange snake (totally forgot what kind, though!) So a nice selection of very different animals. They all managed to hold most of them – it was only the poor millipede, that got refused by most kids – but there were brave ones. The adults equally enjoyed the show and I think we all learnt a few new things as well. I found it really strange how “well behaved” all animals were. None of them tried to run or scuttle away, they were all fine with the kids giving them little pets and holding them. Totally chilled every single one of them. The animal expert did say they are all her adopted animals and so they are very calm in her presence and she’s very proud of them.

The communication with Wild Science was seamless too. They also made sure they have got the correct details so the animal expert called 2 days before the party to make sure she has the correct details. The animal expert turned up right on time as well.

All in all, the experience and the seamless organisation really deserve 5 stars from us. Thank you!

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