Romantic: What to Write in a Birthday Card for Boyfriend?

birthday cake candle cupcake

Spice up your relationship with a boyfriend Birthday card that conveys romantic, funny, sentimental messages and your heart-filled expression on his special day. Birthday celebration is something that no one would want to forget, especially the birthday of your partner. Do you need tips on what to write on your boyfriend’s birthday card? has got you covered. Do not worry about anything.

birthday cake candle cupcake

Choosing a Boyfriend Birthday Card

Even though there are varieties of gifts that will make celebration and partying to celebrate your man’s new age none can be compared to a boyfriend Birthday card especially one with romantic expression. Opt out of the everyday gift of sneakers, joggers, singlets, mugs, wrist watches and the like and give out a boyfriend Birthday card to your boyfriend with the romantic expressions below.

What to Write in a Birthday Card for Your Boyfriend

  • Happy birthday to my hottest boyfriend, I hope you flame up and get hotter than all the candles on your cake.

  • To my loving boyfriend who has been the best thing ever to me, happy and cheers to greatness.

  • I hope your cake is as sweet as you are and may you shine brighter than the candles on your cake.

  • May the cold and lonely days pass easily with the warmth of our love, lots of love man. Happy birthday.

  • I can’t keep my hands off you because you are crazy and sexy, happy birthday sweet sexy one, have a blast.

  • On your birthday I am sending you tons of wishes for being by my side and giving me lots of lovely memories. Happy birthday darling.

  • Day and night you hold me close and give me a listening ear, you just make everything right for me.happy birthday love of my life.

  • My joy and delight, who fills my heart with love, I love you so much and wish you the best things in life. Happy birthday.

  • To the love of my life you’re all that I ever wanted in a partner, love you till eternity. Happy birthday dearest.

  • You are the light which brightens my life even when I was in the tunnel. You still shine for me. Happy birthday my star.

  • Just as special as you are, so also is your birthday to me. Happy birthday dear.

Writing on a boyfriend Birthday card can be challenging whether you are deeply in love, interwoven together, happy in the relationship or have stayed long in the relationship. The wishes above are sure to give your boyfriend a memorable birthday which will keep your bond stronger.

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