Sail Away to Paradise: Exploring Croatia’s Stunning Coastline by Sailboat

Croatia sea harbour

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Croatia’s coastline has been attracting so many people in the last few years. Croatia has a beautiful coastline adorned with beautiful islands and the true Mediterranean ambience of the coastal cities and towns.

Many people get to see the coastline, from the beach perspective, but what if we promised you a better alternative? Instead of just going to the beaches, try chartering a yacht in Croatia!

Croatia sea

Preparing for a yacht charter in Croatia

Rather than being spontaneous and arriving in Croatia unprepared, ensure you have the needed documents.

Ensure all travellers have valid passports and any required visas for entering Croatia. Also, take care of your pet’s documents if they will be joining you on the trip. Confirm their pet passport is current and has the necessary vaccinations and microchipping.

Once your documentation is organised, prepare for departure with a briefing to get to know your rented yacht. Before beginning your voyage, take part in a briefing led by the captain. If you’ve decided on renting an elegant catamaran in Croatia, discuss your plans with the boat captain so they can help make sure you experience what you want. Or, if you’re travelling without the captain, make sure to still get to know your yacht before departure.

Make sure to plan out where you’ll go. Talk about where you want to go with the boat captain or plan on navigating the yacht yourself towards stunning spots along the Adriatic Sea taking into consideration weather forecasts, desired stops and activities.

Also, consider food supplies. Think about whether or not to order groceries beforehand or pick up provisions at local markets after reaching there.

Unforgettable coastline awaits

Now that you’ve discovered sailboat charters and made up your itinerary, it is time to go and actually sail along the coast. Croatia records over 1,100 miles of coastlines, which give dramatic sight of islands, towns, and coves.

Croatia sea

Here’s a glimpse of the wonders that await in different parts of Croatia’s coastline:

Dalmatian coast

This iconic region is a must for first-time visitors. Packed with history and natural beauty, the Dalmatian Coast boasts popular islands like Hvar, renowned for its vibrant nightlife and chic atmosphere.

Neighbouring Brač Island offers pristine beaches and Zlatni Rat, a windsurfer’s paradise. While Korčula Island, nicknamed “Little Dubrovnik,” charms with its medieval architecture and charming harbour.

Central Adriatic coast

Venture north for a more secluded experience. The Kornati Islands are a chain that consists of 89 islands and islets, none of which are populated so it is perfect for those interested in nature.

You are free to go through some of the paths that have never been crossed before or you may swim through the hidden bays rich in sea life and enjoy being in this pristine and serene place.

Nearby is Žirje Island which provides a hassle-free way of life with original, almost rustic, villages and untouched shorelines.

Southern Adriatic coast

Moving farther south, you’ll come across the special appeal of the Elaphiti Islands archipelago. Take it easy on the untouched beaches of Lopud Island, visit the ancient Franciscan monastery on Šipan Island or wander around Koločep Island’s beautiful streets known for its greenery and secluded coves. A short distance away by boat, Dubrovnik provides a great mix of cultural experiences and luxury facilities.

Istrian coast

Situated at the very top end of the Adriatic, Istria has a distinct mashup of Croatian and Italian impacts. Explore quaint towns like Rovinj with its vibrant houses encircling the port or Poreč which is famous for its Euphrasian Basilica, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also worthy of a visit is Brijuni Islands National Park displaying unspoiled nature filled with greenery and varied wildlife.

This is just a taste of the possibilities!

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