Seven Characteristics Of An Uncluttered Home

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Whether you live in a large home or a smaller property, avoiding cluttered and claustrophobic vibes is key. After all, the family home is for living and that won’t be possible if the interior designs prohibit it.

What steps can be taken to ensure that your home gains the uncluttered vibe? Focus on implementing these seven characteristics and you won’t go far wrong.


1. Utilise The Walls

Rather than having bulky display cabinets and TV units, uncluttered homes use the walls to their advantage. Wall-mounted shelves and TV brackets provide an outlet to build personality without building a cramped vibe.

Meanwhile, learning to hang pictures in an engaging style will let the walls tell a story. This can be immensely rewarding for working with modest living spaces. Likewise, it’s the perfect way to stop hallways feeling bland without making them impractical.

While it might not be the first job that you complete, it should be at the heart of your plans. It’s a simple strategy but its influence is telling.

2. Smarter Furniture Choices

Following on from the idea of losing unnecessary items, you must ensure all essentials are under control. Making calculated furniture choices that help you retain valuable floor space should be the priority.

When dealing with living spaces, glass coffee tables and designs with slim legs that allow you to see the space underneath can work wonders. Similarly, retractable dining tables are a great addition that offer versatility.

A child’s bedroom can benefit from the use of a high sleeper cabin bed that includes a desk under the bed. Make the space work harder. You won’t regret it.

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3. Lighter Colour Schemes

If you want to avoid the claustrophobic or cluttered vibes, the right atmosphere is king. Setting the right tone with light and colour will help trick the eyes. In turn, you will perceive the space to feel bigger and better than ever. 

Choosing lighter colour schemes can include painting the walls, or using new cabinet choices and flooring. Perhaps more importantly, finding ways to boost the natural lighting will open up the space. Windows and skylights are the key.

Electrical lighting can supplement natural lighting. It will also give you greater flexibility when setting a cosy yet uncluttered mood.

4. Lose Unused Goods

You probably think that you are quite efficient when it comes to managing your possessions. In truth, the average family is guilty of hoarding items that could fetch a four-figure fee if sold online or at boot sales. That’s not the only reason to have a declutter session.

Even small possessions take up valuable space in your home. The six-month rule will point you in the right direction. Therefore, taking the time to go through each room of the home before losing unneeded goods could be the key to building a better home.

When coupled with simple moves like switching to paperless billing, you will notice a huge impact. 

5. Utilise Outside Spaces

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you’d be a fool not to use it. The space adds a whole new dimension to the property. With the right steps, the benefits aren’t limited to the summer months. Besides, a shed or garden storage comes in very handy too.

Transforming the garden can include adding a BBQ grill, a hot tub, patio furniture, and more. When supported by beautiful plants and a big open sky above your head, feeling trapped inside the home will be a thing of the past. 

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The installation of sliding doors to connect the garden to your living spaces can add a sense of size and luxury too.

6. Work Vertical

A smaller living space shouldn’t stop you from having furniture pieces. However, you will need to consider how you are using the spaces. Building up with taller units is often a good option. Using geometric shapes to fill alcoves and other tight spaces is vital too.

Setting furniture to create a line of vision will elongate the space. As long as you keep the walkways clear, you can make rooms look bigger without becoming impractical. Decorating tables and furniture with the right accessories will perfect the look.

Whichever route you take, though, it’s wise to remember that less is more. If nothing else, it’ll make the cleaning aspects easier.

7. No Wasted Rooms

Finally, if you want to unlock the full potential of the home, you must ensure that all rooms are used to their full potential. Not utilising the garage and keeping the guest room saved for the rare occasions when people stay are the big culprits.

You can overcome both of these issues with minimal effort. Whether creating a gym, an office, or a playroom doesn’t matter. The fact that you are regaining a room with purpose will make a difference. Moreover, it should free up space elsewhere.

Even if you are not blessed with a huge home, a little planning can make the space work much harder. And you will be far happier as a result.

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