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Should I Send My Child to a Single Sex School

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Many families choose to send their child to a single-sex school and this can be for a number of different reasons. Some parents feel that there are fewer distractions at a single-sex school, while others make the decision based on their religious beliefs. For many the decision is based purely on the curriculum or facilities at the school, or the fact that it is close to home.

In the article below a preparatory school for girls, located in Hertfordshire explores the benefits of single-sex education…

school girls

Lots of people have a negative opinion on single-sex schools and think they are outdated; however they are still a very popular choice for parents, due to the many educational advantages they offer. Research has shown that students of gender-specific schools typically achieve better grades on standardised tests. Many believe that these better grades are due to the fact that students feel more comfortable and confident in their learning environment, and they are able to join in discussions more freely during lessons.

In a single-sex environment, teachers are able to adapt the curriculum and their teaching style to suit the gender of their class, which is another contributing factor to improved performance.

Co-educational schools often highlight gender stereotypes when it comes to particular subjects or activities. For example, you will usually find more boys join the football club and more girls will join the choir. However, students in single-sex schools feel more at ease when exploring different interests, without fear of judgement.

Many parents worry that single sex schools will hinder their child’s social skills and believe that it is important for young people to interact with all genders; however this is always possible outside of the classroom.

Whether or not a single-sex school is the right choice for your child will depend on their individual preferences. Be sure to involve them in the decision making and think carefully about all of your options.

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