Should Parents Check Their Child’s Phone?

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“Should parents check their child’s phone?” is a hotly debated topic in today’s digital age. The idea of doing so can feel a bit invasive. But as a parent, your job is to keep your kids safe, right? How do you know they’re not engaging with strangers online? Choosing between checking and not checking your child’s phone has no easy answer. It’s like walking a fine line between respecting their privacy and ensuring their safety. However, there are more reasons than not to stay vigilant in this digital world. Let’s find out how to see everything on my child’s phone!


Why Should Parents Monitor Their Children’s Phones?

The internet may occasionally be like the Wild West, with many dangers our children may not be prepared to handle. There are people out there with less-than-honorable intentions who can use phones and social media to try to connect with our kids, putting their safety at risk.

Remember when our parents warned us about talking to strangers? Back then, it was easy to avoid them. But now, with technology at our children’s fingertips, it’s like inviting those strangers into our homes. And as parents, it’s up to us to put a stop to that. Utilizing tools like Parentaler can help us monitor and manage our children’s online interactions, ensuring their safety in today’s digital world.

Then there’s cyberbullying that can follow our kids everywhere they go. The long-lasting impact of this modern-day menace is challenging to deal with. But by keeping an eye on their phone, you can intervene if you see any signs of trouble.

And let’s not forget the endless stream of content that bombards our children whenever they pick up their phones. From explicit images to violent videos, there’s no shortage of things out there that they shouldn’t be exposed to.

So, should parents check their child’s phone? Considering the reasons above, they definitely should.

Methods for Checking Your Child’s Phone

Wondering how to check your child’s phone? There are several methods you can utilize to monitor their phone activity:

Use Parental Control Apps

Parental control apps are the ultimate solution for monitoring and managing a child’s phone usage. One such top pick is Parentaler. As a parent, you can effortlessly:

  • Keep tabs on your child’s whereabouts with GPS tracking.
  • Stay informed with geofencing alerts for entering or leaving designated areas.
  • Gain insights into your child’s movements with detailed location reports.
  • Manage and control your child’s online activities by monitoring and restricting their browser and app usage.
  • Ensure your child’s safety by blocking access to inappropriate websites and apps.
  • Monitor your child’s communication channels, including SMS, calls, and emails.
  • Receive alerts for specific keywords used by your child.
  • Access your child’s calendar to stay informed about their plans and activities.

Built-in Parental Controls

Wondering how to check your child’s phone whether iOS or Android? Both devices have built-in parental control features that enable you to manage your child’s phone usage directly from the device settings. iOS offers Screen Time, which allows parents to

  • set limits on app usage
  • schedule downtime
  • restrict access to certain content.

On the other hand, Android devices running Android 9 Pie or later include Digital Wellbeing, which offers parental control functions like:

  • App Timers: Setting app-specific timers to limit the amount of time their children spend on certain apps.
  • Bedtime Mode: Scheduling “Do Not Disturb” modes during specific times, such as bedtime, to prevent children from being disturbed by notifications and encourage healthy sleep habits.
  • Remote Supervision: Monitoring screen time and establishing limits remotely.
  • Content Restriction: Implementing controls on Google services, such as managing app permissions or applying content filters on Google Play.

Family Sharing Features

Another option for parental oversight is utilizing family-sharing features provided by Apple and Google. With Apple Family Sharing, parents can create special accounts for their kids called Apple IDs. If you often wonder how to check your child’s phone, you can use these accounts to manage their purchases, device usage habits, and the content they can access and view on their Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads.

Google Family Link also provides comparable choices. You can use it to control your child’s Google account. Your child’s access to certain apps, time limits on device usage, and the content they may see or download from the Google Play Store are all within your control.

The Importance of Trust and Communication

While monitoring your child’s phone activity can be essential for their safety, it’s equally important to maintain open communication and trust. If your child knows you check their digital activity, they may ask, “Do parents have the right to look through your phone?” Establishing a trusting relationship with them can help them feel appreciated and respected. It’s how you encourage them to confide in you about their internet experiences.

This way, you can help your child make responsible online decisions by having open discussions about internet safety and establishing clear guidelines for phone usage. Additionally, demonstrating trust in your child’s judgment while still providing guidance reinforces their confidence and independence, ensuring their well-being online and offline.


Ultimately, our top priority as parents is always the safety and happiness of our children. Deciding whether and how to check your child’s phone is challenging, but it shows how dedicated you are to keeping them safe in today’s fast-paced digital world. You can count on Parentaler to support you through this challenging decision. Because when it comes down to it, nothing matters more than guaranteeing the well-being of our kids.

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