Should You Take A Drone Class?

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Drone classes are a unique and creative way to learn and gain knowledge in a plethora of different areas. They provide you with the best opportunity for new learning and understanding. You will learn at a pace that is easier for learning and getting to use the best technological equipment.


The Courses

When considering our drone classes, you should know what we offer. For students who want to learn at an advanced pace, we offer courses in the following areas.

  • Drone agriculture and forestry training
  • Drone s/UAS pilot training program
  • Virtual reality and 3D virtualization

Each course will allow you to study for a specific time period. Each week will be offering innovative solutions to help you learn. Each class has different needs and tools that you will use as well as unique learning strategies and individualized studying schedules.

The agriculture course will help teach students how to help farmers and professionals with remote monitoring systems. The course will cost you two thousand and one hundred and fifty dollars for a three-week class. You will study for fifteen hours over three weeks.
The drone s/UAS pilot program is comprehensive and offers you the chance to learn the rules and laws to pass the Part 107 exam. You will study seventy hours over the course of ten weeks. The tuition will cost you almost eight thousand dollars, with the textbook costing one hundred and forty dollars.
Virtual reality training promises students the ability to gain experience in architecture and engineering while helping them achieve a plethora of skills. Your total with this course will be three thousand three hundred and fifty dollars, with the equipment being almost four hundred and forty dollars. You will be using a memory card and adapter along with a selfie stick and a tripod. This course has you studying for twenty-one hours over the period of three weeks.

Find Your Perfect Course

Each of these individual courses is designed to help you have the skills you need to accomplish your goals in the real world. By undertaking these courses, you will be able to use sensors and understand data, statistics, and growth. While each system has its own unique specifications, they have one thing in common. You will need to pass a drug test and ensure that you come to each class on time. Your commitment to learning and the courses are the only things necessary for success and formal education.

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