Six Need To Know Summer Interiors Trends

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Our homes are our havens, and some of us have an especial passion for keeping the look of our interiors current and making the most of the spaces we call home. The latest interiors trends for 2018 have been announced recently by Pinterest and some of them may well surprise you. Get inspired to up your interiors game and make some fresh changes for the summer season.

Maximal Design Returns

Over the past few years, design tendencies have definitely been running towards the minimal, from touch-close cupboards in kitchens with no handles, to pared-back bedrooms and lack of ornamentation. But now there’s a new trend in town – and it’s a reaction against Marie Kondo-ing your sock drawer. More is finally more again, as bright colour, pattern clashing and impactful groupings of decorative objects become de rigeur. When put together carefully, maximalist interiors can have real impact and look highly luxurious. People are showing more confidence with colour and opting for dramatic tones such as peacock blue and hot pink.

A Motivational Space

Who knew that your mindset could carry through to your home? But actually, it’s true that the spaces and places we live in can have a huge impact on our wellbeing. And that’s especially true if you also work from home, as increasing numbers of us are. Pinterest revealed that there’s been a massive surge of interest in search terms such as ‘motivational workspaces’ on their platform. While searches for ‘positivity’ are up a massive 430 per cent!

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Fringe Appeal

The trend for fringing that has been springing up on every picture from Coachella has also infiltrated our interiors, with fringed home accessories such a lamp shades, curtain tie-backs and cushions sparking interest and coming back from the style Siberia of the 70’s. So now you can match the inside of your house to all those tasselled earrings that are dominating the shops.

Electric Love

Neon signage used to be something you only saw on a commercial scale, but it’s been steadily gaining in popularity as a flourish for domestic interiors for a while now. An impactful way to define a space, custom neon signage is a lot more cost effective than it used to be, so now everyone can own their own smaller-scale version of Tracey Emin’s recent installation at St Pancras International train station. Whether it’s an ode to Brexit, a witty quote or simply a sign proclaiming your love of milkshakes, it will give your home design a definite lift.

living room

A Hit of Purple

In keeping with the love for bright colours, an unusual hue is trending in our homes – and it’s Pantone Colour of the Year ‘Ultra Violet’. Yes, that purple haze is coming to a living room near you, and searches for it on Pinterest are up 2675 per cent! So whether you go full on purple or dip a toe in the water with lavender and lilac, try a little of the hue to keep your interiors on trend.

Classic Materials

The general trend moving away from fast, cheap and disposable items in preference for those that are built to last is considerable. More and more, people are realising that using cheapest materials in the home is a false economy, and that making an investment in a quality finish is a good way to achieve longevity, whether you plan on staying in your home for a long time or selling it for a higher price. Finishes such as CARRcrete InfinityFloor polished concrete can give a streamlined look designed to last. So invest in real stone, granite worktops, hardwood and other refined surfaces for a real touch of luxury.

Look Middle East

Middle Eastern inspired designs are adding an extra special touch to interiors. So look to Morocco and Turkey to add a bit of spice to your home. This trend can be as subtle or as statement as you want to make it- from a subtle patterning on tiles to a full blown tapestry covering for your walls. Woven accessories bring a much needed hit of texture and colour to more neutral interiors, and these designs can also give a room a sense of culture and history.


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