Six Signs That You Need To Visit Your Dentist


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If like most people in the UK you keep a regular schedule of dental check-ups, you may feel that it is unnecessary to visit your dentist more than once every 6 months. While it is strongly recommended that you have a regular dental check-up every six months to enable your dentist to spot any developing issues and arrange to have them treated, sometimes you shouldn’t wait until your next scheduled visit to report any problems you are having. When you’re looking for teeth whitening Austin area – that’s another issue why you need to visit every 6 months.

It will be a lot easier for your dentist to discover and treat any oral health issues you may be experiencing while they are still minor issues. By booking an examination when you notice a problem you can prevent it from getting worse or costing a lot more money to have treated. Also, it’s never too late to get your teeth straightened. Having straight teeth isn’t just a cosmetic advantage – it’s also better for your oral health. The Vallance Dental Centre offer braces to help straighten teeth (click here).


Six signs that it’s time for a dental check-up

Even if you only have a few short weeks to go before your next regular check-up, if you spot any of these signs, book an appointment – search for dentist Maidenhead – just to be sure:

1: A toothache that won’t go away

Having a toothache can be very painful and waiting it out definitely will make things worse. Continuous toothaches or very sharp, piercing pains felt in your teeth are signs that there is something seriously wrong that needs addressing quickly.

If you notice any swelling gums around the tooth that hurts, or your cheek becomes swollen over the tooth, then this can be a sign of an infection in the tooth or around the tooth root.

2: You have had an injury to your mouth

Whether you have experienced a sporting injury with a heavy blow to the mouth, or you have fallen over and hit your jaw, face or mouth causing some pain or bleeding, then you need to see your dentist.

You could have some hidden trauma to the teeth or gums that you may not be aware of initially, but can be hidden by bruised or cut tissues.

Your dentist can examine your teeth, gums and jaw and check for hidden damage. They can then monitor your healing to make sure no infections set in.

 Aside from injuries, it’s also recommended to visit a dentist if you have misaligned teeth. Depending on your situation, they’ll suggest treatments like braces and clear aligners.

3: Swollen and sore gums

If you develop sore or swollen gums this can be a sign of gum disease. When caught early your dentist can treat gum disease and prevent it from becoming worse.

4: Sores in your mouth

Mouth sores can be very irritating and annoying, but again can be a sign of something more serious going on with your dental health.

If you can see and feel mouth sores and ulcers and they are affecting your gums, lips, tongue, cheeks or the roof of your mouth, see your dentist straight away. Don’t attempt to pop or scrape at any sores or pimples you see inside your mouth.

5: White spots on teeth or gums

If you notice any white spots on your teeth or gums and they seem to be getting worse over time, then this is often the first signs of tooth decay.

Catching decay early can allow your dentist to treat your teeth while saving as much of your natural teeth as possible.

6: Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

Not everyone develops sensitive teeth and some people will naturally have more sensitive teeth than others. If it is a new and mild kind of sensitivity that you are feeling your dentist will give you an examination to make sure there are no underlying issues and recommend using a toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth.

Increasing sensitivity may indicate a deeper issue such as cracked teeth or receding gums that will need treatment.

Finding a dentist in London

If you are looking for a new dentist in London, then it would be wise to book with one with plenty of knowledge and experience.

A highly recommended London-based dentist would be Glow Dental in Battersea. Their friendly team can help you should you have any of the above six dental issues. Why not book today!

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