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Small Garden, Big Character

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Just because a garden is small doesn’t mean it has to lack charm or character. Quite often, the intimacy of a smaller space can mean the opposite. However, in order to maximise the space available, you need to understand what you want to get from your garden. Are you a keen gardener that wants to maintain and potter throughout the year, or are you just looking for a low maintenance oasis to sit and read a good book in?

Below are some tips to help ensure you get whatever you want from your garden.

Move away from the traditional

A lawn with a border around the edge seems to be standard in many British gardens, but thinking a little outside the box can help to add character to your garden. You could create a garden island in the middle of your space. You could even raise your island by using a small retaining wall that could potentially double as a seat. You can also use brightly coloured ornaments to help draw the eye and make it a real centrepiece. However you plan your garden, don’t be scared to try new things. There are no set rules about designing your garden, just make it a space that works for you.


garden flowers women

Make it a happy space

Whether you love bright and bold colours, or prefer the more relaxing vibe of natural materials, your garden should be a reflection of you. Whether that is uniformed clipped hedges or a collection of overgrown wild plants, as long as you appreciate the overall style it’s a winner.

Guide the eye

When a space is particularly small, it can be beneficial to draw the eye upwards towards more space. This can be achieved by using climbing plants to draw attention upwards. They can also be very atmospheric, creating a more intimate space with more nature and less brick.

You can also use the top of your wall or fence to direct attention. If you have a garden wall, good-looking garden railings can add a touch of class to your boundary while adding definition. They also have the added benefit of increasing security. There are many modern and more cost effective alternatives to traditional cast iron railings.

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Utilise every bit of space

If a large part of your garden is paved, then there is no reason why it can’t still be green. Using a variety of potted evergreens can turn even the smallest spaces into a beautiful feature. Selecting a few ornaments in a style that enhances your garden can also give you some great options. Whether it’s amongst your shrubs or between garden chairs, a well-placed ornament can become a really interesting feature.

Light up your world

Using lights can really add emphasis and a magical feel to your outside space. Whether you’re using uplighters on a tree, or fairy lights to brighten up a seating area, don’t be afraid to get creative with your placement. There’s a huge range of outdoor lights available to suit any garden.

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Small Garden, Big Character

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