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Smart And Sustainable: Graphene Jacket

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On occasions, buying a new a new garment can be really eco-friendly and sustainable. You have to factor in how many times are you planning to wear the item and how long will it last. Generally, you have to get past 30 wears but the longer you use it the more sustainable a clothing item gets. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to invest in quality items, that last long and can be useful for you for a long time.

How about, if I told you I just came a cross a jacket that can be worn all year around? So you’d basically only need to buy one jacket. This one jacket is called GAMMA and it’s the ultimate all-climate jacket, you can wear it all your round, no matter the weather, simply because it’s a smart jacket, that heats in the cold weather and cools in warm weather. 

Gamma Jacket

So how does GAMMA work?

The secret behind GAMMA is Graphene, a Nobel-prize winning material invention. Graphene is a nano-lattice – just one atom thick, yet it’s stronger than diamond. Graphene is the thinnest, strongest, and most flexible known material. Graphene moves heat through its latticed structure, evenly distributing it around your body. In warm weather, it expels heat and wicks moisture to keep you cool. Graphene sets the heat from your body to work channels it throughout the jacket. As well as that, Gamma also have built-in heaters: 3 carbon fibre, built-in heating elements. With the help of a power bank, operates from the inner chest pocket with an USB A cable. In cold weather, it evenly distributes heat to your entire upper-body. In hot weather, it expels heat through its permeable pores. Gamma’s graphene layer basically regulates its temperature based on your environment. Graphene’s thermoregulating properties also ensure the jacket won’t overheat.

Gamma Jacket

Gamma Jacket

It’s easy to care for and versatile

GAMMA is machine washable and if you are wondering how is that possible: well, as explained above: the jacket doesn’t contain any electrical parts or batteries. The jacket is extremely durable, so it will last a long time. As I mentioned, Graphene is stronger than diamond, do it’s really hard to damage it. The jacket is scratch-proof, puncture-proof, tear-proof, and abrasion-proof.  Gamma is also lightweight and flexible, thanks to being an ultra thin material, that weighs very little; the jacket itself weighs only half a kilo!

GAMMA makes a perfect jacket for no matter the weather. It even looks smart! The tailored fit is neither too loose or too tight, creating high flexibility for the wearer. Although, however smart it looks, it’s perfect for hiking, training, in rain, in wind, in snow, so basically in any weather. It’s a perfect sportswear too. The graphene will pull heat and moisture away from your body, moving it to the outer surface of the jacket and expelling it into the air. It will help you to regulate your temperature, making it a comfortable sportswear item. Not only that but it’s also 100% anti-odour, meaning no odour-causing contaminants can grow on the jacket.

GAMMA Jacket

You can learn more about graphene and order your GAMMA jacket at

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