Soji Towels: Self-Cleaning Towels for a More Eco-Friendly Bathroom

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One of the most sustainable changes you can make in your home is to replace heavily washed items with antibacterial alternatives. Germ-killing utensils, linens and surfaces can help you massively reduce your water and electricity use, especially if you use appliances like washing machines and dishwashers.

Recently, I was happy to replace my towels with antimicrobial Soji Towels. Soji are woven with all-natural antimicrobial silver. Silver is naturally immune to germs, so it stops the spread of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, allergens and more on contact.

With Soji, my family enjoys cleaner, fresher towels and I spend a lot less time doing the washing. I managed to reduce my laundry by about 2 loads a week thanks to Soji alone. This saves our household about 90,000 watts of electricity and 8000 litres of water per year, reducing our carbon footprint by over 100 kilos!

If everyone would switch to antimicrobial products, we could reduce global emissions without much effort. If you’re interested in replacing your towels with Soji Towels, you can use this link to take 50% off a set for your family.

Here are a few more reasons why Soji Towels are an easy eco-friendly change for your home. 

soji towel

Cleaner Means Safer

Even if it wasn’t for the eco-friendly benefits, I’d still feel more comfortable with Soji Towels in my bathroom.

Towels are one of the biggest germ-spreaders in your home. Towels live in your bathroom and are often damp and warm. This is the perfect environment for germ growth. In fact, one study found that towels are the dirtiest objects in the whole house. The average towel contains hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat just 3 days after a wash! Towels cause daytime allergies, breakouts and skin inflammation. They can even cause serious illness from germs like E.coli and COVID-19, which can survive on towels for up to a week.

Antimicrobial towels like Soji eliminate all of these threats instantly. Soji’s silver fibres kill 99.99% of germs on contact. No matter how often you wash them or what you put them through, your towels will always be sterile.

I feel more comfortable drying off with a fresh towel and wrapping up the kids after a bath knowing that I’m not just putting the germs right back on our bodies. The peace of mind alone is worth the change, especially this year!

Prevents Towel Odours

Another benefit of antimicrobial towels is that they never develop those musty towel odours. Smelly towels are caused by bacteria and mould growth. That’s right, you can actually smell how infested your towels become after just a few days. Towel odours can never develop on towels like Soji because bacteria and mould cannot survive long enough to reproduce.

I can’t tell you how nice it is to dry off with a towel that smells as if it was just washed every morning. Even after weeks without a wash, or days spent in a dark bathroom, Soji always smell fresh.

Made from Sustainable Bamboo

The textile industry is one of the biggest polluters on the globe, but Soji are not a part of the mass cotton industry. Soji are made from bamboo harvested without chemical fertilisers or pesticides. Overall, bamboo is much more sustainable than cotton and most other commercially processed fabrics. Another benefit of bamboo is that it’s incredibly soft. Soji’s bamboo fibres are finer than cotton, giving the towels a silky smooth feel. Soji also have twice the thread count of normal towels, and they are oversized for extra comfort. This makes them both more durable and luxurious. Wrapping up in Soji feels like draping yourself in a heavy, silky robe. It almost feels like hugging a litter of puppies

Artisan-made to Last a Lifetime

Soji are designed by artisans and woven using traditional Japanese techniques. Their unique open-air weave allows air to flow through the bamboo fibres, causing the towel to puff up like a plushie. This makes Soji even more huggable, but it also reduces the time it takes them to dry. You can easily air-dry Soji even in the winter, further reducing your electricity use. It’s also nice to find a dry towel waiting after every shower, even if your bathroom doesn’t get a lot of sunlight.  Soij’s durable bamboo fibres are woven to resist fraying, pilling, and tearing for many years. The antimicrobial silver is spun into each thread, so Soji’s germ-resistant power will never fade or wash away.

Buying a towel that lasts will prevent you from having to get new ones a few years later. On a small scale, it doesn’t seem to matter. But what if everyone bought one less set of towels per decade? We could prevent millions of kilos of rubbish from entering landfills and polluting the seas.

soji towel

Soft Enough for Kids and Sensitive Skin

Unlike rough cotton towels, Soji’s ultra-soft bamboo is kind to sensitive skin. What many adults don’t realise is that children have sensitive skin and can often find normal towels uncomfortable or painful. Soji’s bamboo fibres won’t irritate the skin, so you can even use Soji with babies. Plus, bamboo is 3x more absorbent than cotton, so you barely have to rub and scrub to dry off. Just wrap up in Soji and the bamboo will do the drying for you. Kids love using Soji, probably because it feels more like a plush blanket than a towel. They often try to run out of the bathroom with it and use it to snuggle around the house. And I can’t complain! I don’t mind if they want to wrap up in an antibacterial blankie. 

Soji Towels are Germ-free, Sustainable, and Affordable

For my family, switching to antimicrobial Soji Towels was an easy choice. Not only are they an eco-friendly choice, but they’re also more comfortable towels.

The only real downside is the cost. Silver-infused towels aren’t cheap! However, you can get a set of Soji Towels now for 50% off the list price during Soji’s spring sale.

If you’re ready to make a sustainable change and your current towels are in need of an update, why not switch to a cleaner and comfier option?

Learn more about Soji and order your towels today at    

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