Spread Festive Cheer with Christmas Whisky Gifts

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Looking for the perfect present for a whiskey-loving friend or relative? Struggling for inspiration? 

Christmas whisky gifts can come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing you won’t be short on is choice. Which means finding a great gift, without blowing your budget, is easy.

To make your search even simpler, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best ideas for Christmas 2024 – so all you have to do is pick your favourite and do the wrapping!

whisky drink Whisky Gifts

8 great whisky gifts

#1 Whisky stones

Working in the same way as ice cubes (but without the risk of melting), whisky stones are a clever way to serve whisky chilled – without diluting the taste! Making them an ideal stocking filler for any whisky drinker.

#2 Whisky trivia

Who doesn’t love a good game a Christmas?

Why not take a break from the usual suspects with a fun whisky-themed quiz instead?

Search online and you’ll find plenty of options from playing cards to quick-fire questions, all designed to put whisky knowledge to the test and share fun and interesting facts.

A unique gift that’s sure to delight whisky buffs – and anyone keen to avoid another round of charades!

#3 Themed foods

Christmas is the season to eat, drink and be merry, making it a great time to shop for unusual and indulgent treats.

A malt whisky marmalade, whisky cake, or whisky chocolate truffles are just some of the hundreds of tasty offerings.

Fun, delicious and a great way to show you’ve put thought into your gift. 

#4 Jigsaw

What better way to spend the time over the festive period than sipping on a delicious malt and idling time away with a jigsaw puzzle? 

Pictures of bottles, brewing barrels, a map of whisky regions – there’s no end of choice available, and it’s the perfect way to make gifting a bottle of whisky more entertaining and inventive. 

#5 Distillery tour

From household names to lesser-known producers, many distilleries offer guided tours to showcase how and where they create their whiskies.

Book to visit one or plan a road trip to take in several and combine your gift with a holiday or weekend getaway in beautiful Scotland – either way, distillery tours are sure to be a gifting hit.

#7 Whisky glass

Drink whisky from the right glass and you can actually enhance its flavour – so treat your favourite whisky drinker to a special glass and they’ll be sure to thank you.

A tulip-shaped copita glass is ideal for concentrating the delicate aromas of whisky, or if the person you’re buying for takes their whisky on the rock, then opt for a thick-based ‘rocks’ glass.

To create a truly special keepsake, why not get the glass engraved with a heartfelt message or their name?

#8 A gift subscription

Whether for a budding enthusiast or whisky expert, a tasting set to experiment with different malts is bound to be a winner.

For an extra special gift, how about a monthly subscription? With miniature bottles of whisky delivered every month to the lucky recipient’s door, they can enjoy developing their knowledge, and extending their palate whilst learning more about their favourite tipple and discovering new favourites.

And there you have it, eight easy present ideas. Go for any of these thoughtful Christmas whisky gifts and you’re guaranteed, to spread plenty of festive joy.

Happy shopping – and good luck with the sticky tape!

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