Staycation Whilst Social Distancing: Why 2 Berth Caravans Are Perfect

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The summer of 2020 was something nobody will forget. I don’t know about you, but for me it was a definite realisation that for the near future staycations and self-catering holidays are the way forward. We’ve been trying to do more of this anyway, as a bid to reduce flying and our carbon footprint. 

Travelling AND Social Distancing

Social distancing is of course the big change we’re all having to learn to live with as of 2020. While it’s there for a reason – to keep us safe – it’s not without its difficulties. Travel has become particularly difficult during this year, and keeping social distance in a hotel is possible but can get very very difficult. 

Yet apart from self-catering options – like booking an apartment for a holiday – there’s also another option which can keep you more mobile: 2 berth caravans! When you have your own caravan or motorhome, you have your own space that only you have been in and you can more easily maintain social distance. New and pre-owned caravans or motorhomes give you your own bedroom, toilet and kitchen facilities and give you an easy way to still have a holiday while remaining safe.

For more information and ideas on caravanning in the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic, you can check out the Bailey of Bristol news and events page.

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Staycations are the future

There are two good reasons why staycations are the future of holidays: safety and the environment. Since the Coronavirus, travel has become a lot more limited and it’s better for us to not push our luck. Many people are choosing to skip travelling abroad – which often includes flying with too many people in one space – and taking their time to rediscover the UK. And there are a lot of beautiful places to discover on this island!

The second reason staycations are the future is the environment: we all need to be greener on our holidays. I’m not saying don’t allow yourself a big holiday abroad once every year or two, but the age of city hopping by airplanes must end. Air travel has an enormous carbon footprint globally, so when it comes to short, weekend getaways we really should consider staying in the UK and opt for a staycation.

If you think caravans are for you, after checking out which model you go with, also think about the insurance. There’s a site that offers caravan insurance comparison – do check it out.

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2 Berth Caravans

2 berth caravans are perfect for couples or solo travellers who want to have a greener holiday. These caravan models are lightweight (with MTPLMs of as little as 995kgs), meaning they are accessible to a wide range of tow vehicles. With a range of 2 berth models from Bailey’s Discovery, Phoenix+ and Unicorn Black Edition ranges, you’re bound to find the perfect one for your requirements.

All Bailey 2 berth models feature two parallel front soft seats that can be used either as two single beds or a large double, making them perfect for couples or friends. Making up the midsection of 2 berth caravans is a kitchen complete with sink and stove. Then to the rear is a bathroom or wet room which can either be a bathroom with separate shower that stretches the full width of the caravan or a corner wet room, depending on the layout. 


One of the best ways to check out which caravan you like best is to visit Bailey’s Virtual Showroom, a 360º tour of the caravans and motorhomes viewable from the comfort (and social distance) of your own home!

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All the vehicles in the current Bailey of Bristol range are built with Alu-Tech construction. This is Bailey’s own patented approach to building the body shell of caravans and motorhomes that uses interlocking aluminium framework to clamp body panels together. It makes for a much more robust and durable vehicle that will be around to take you on your staycations for many years to come.

Interested in taking a staycation in a caravan or motorhome? Check out Bailey of Bristol’s 2 berth range here.

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