Stylish Teen Room Makeover Ideas and Tips

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Convincing your teenager to let you give their bedroom a makeover is never easy. Their bedroom is typically the ultimate expression of themselves and their safe place from the stress and chaos of everyday life. But designing a room that really shows where their passions and interests are, with versatility to change and adapt as they grow and as they change, doesn’t have to be a huge task.  There are many things to consider when designing the ultimate bedroom haven for teens: choosing appropriate bed sizes, their favourite color schemes and including storage options and adaptable style features – so that things can grow with the kid. 

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First things first!

When designing a bedroom for any member of your family, including your teenager, it is crucial to consider four main factors that will influence the styling decisions you make and the various pieces of furniture you plan to include in the space. 

  1. you need to make sure that the room is a reflection of your teen’s personality – that they get what they really want. Discuss their ideas with them! Plan around their favorite hobbies, passions, and interests, add themes they love and enjoy. This is an important touch, that will make them feel more connected to their space.
  2. make sure, that you strike a balance between style and function. The room needs to be practical, stylish, and accommodating for study, sleep, and anything else.
  3. you can never have too much storage. Including clever and innovative storage options will minimize clutter and they can keep their rooms well organized and manageable to maintain.
  4. you need to select a room design that can easily evolve and change as they get older. Tastes change as we age – especially in. teenage years -, and selecting style features that can adapt to all these changes is a wise move. And saves money on the long run. 

Design Ideas

The easiest and most surefire way to create a bedroom your teenager will love is to include them in the planning process, consider everything they love. Let’s get planning together – it also help to improve parent and child relationship.

Fashion Favorite

Any fashion lover knows that creating a bedroom fit for purpose is the best way to build outfits and foster their personal style. The two most important piece of furniture of a fashion-forward bedroom are a big wardrobe and a freestanding, full-length mirror. 

However, mirrors are not only for outfit checks. By reflecting light, they do a fantastic job of making a room look and feel bigger and brighter than it really is, particularly when placed opposite a window. Ample overhead lighting with adjustable dimmers are also a good feature to think about. Add places where they can display their favorite accessories and nick-nacks.

Cozy Retreat

One of the most important functions of any bedroom is to create a personal and comfortable space for relaxation and time away from the family and the whole world. Nothing quite screams ‘teen’ more than wanting to spend time on their own. Let’s respect that.

Should space allow, include a comfortable lounger or bean bag and a couple of cozy cushions and throw blankets. Add a small bookshelf and adjustable lighting fixtures to create the ultimate reading nook.

Music Lovers

All teens love music, so try to create some space dedicated to their love of all things music. Include a dedicated area to set up musical instruments, a high-quality sound system, and wall-mounted shelves to display their favourite musicians’ memorabilia.

There should also be enough comfortable and practical seating for jam sessions with friends or solo practicing. Should your budget allow, consider including soundproofing panels to minimize noise and disturbance to the rest of the household and potentially the neighbors. 

Spark Creatavity

Anyone with a creative mind knows how important it is to design a space that fuels and accommodates creative passion. Maybe your teen loves to paint or craft, sew or knit, a this is a hobby that helps them to relax and it’s important to make space for that.

Furnish it with all the necessary equipment they may need, which could include storage options,  then their craft instrument such as an easel or sewing machine. Add a gallery wall, a sturdy and size-appropriate desk, and a comfortable desk chair. Bright and bold colors will feed their imagination, while a conveniently placed cork board on the wall to pin ideas and memories.


Unlike generations before them, today’s teenagers have grown up in a world heavily influenced by modern technology. For the budding tech enthusiast in your home, design a room equipped with smart lights and other convenient amenities they may want, ensuring there is ample space for a desktop computer or laptop, gaming consoles, and charging stations. 

Alongside these tech gadgets, include clever cable organizers and conveniently placed power outlets to keep your teen plugged in and ready to go at all times. Wall colors in cool tones of blues and greens will fit the overall theme; however, the neutral shades of tech devices perfectly match a wide range of different color palettes. 

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