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Summer Garden Ideas For 2019

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It’s been reported that temperatures are set to soar in the UK as the country experiences increasingly hot heatwaves in the summer months. As the weather starts to pick up around this time of the year, some of us are beginning to discover areas behind (and sometimes in front) of our houses, named ‘gardens’. Often the tangled overgrowth that has been left to its own devices for past few months can have your garden looking more like an Amazonian rainforest expedition than somewhere you’d want to socialise, but with a bit of elbow-grease and a couple of free days, you’ll find getting the outdoor space of your property into shape is a fairly straight-forward and simple process.

Take a look at some of the following great ways to get the greenery in your home looking attractive, fresh and vibrant in preparation for the hottest months of the year.

flowers garden

Summer in bloom

The first step you should take this summer is in getting your garden looking neat, tidy, and inviting to potential guests. Maintaining and pruning the garden is an activity that many pursue actively as a hobby, and it can be a great way of getting yourself outdoors to embrace the sunshine. Cut the grass to proportion, get rid of any unwanted dead plants and weeds, make sure any remaining plants are watered and healthy, and before you know it you’ll be on your way to an outdoor space that you can see yourself spending a lot more time in.

The veteran garden enthusiasts among us will know that certain plants are certainly more difficult than others to contain, and so when thinking about sprucing up your garden flowerbeds and plant pots with some different colours, think about how much effort you want to put into the hobby going forward. If you’re someone who likes to take more of a hands-off approach, or you don’t have the time/green thumbs necessary to keep things uniform 24/7, there are plenty of low-maintenance, weather resistant plants that don’t need close attention. Putting plants in pots or edging off your garden with a border will also help to stunt overgrowth, keeping the greenery looking neater for longer.

For those living in the city

A rooftop garden party or barbeque in the centre of the city might seem like the sort of farfetched idea you’d only find in a sitcom or cheesy film, but apartment buildings and flats are quickly making it easier than ever to attain. Restricted in garden space in the bustling city, professionals and students have to innovate with the space they have, and plants that can sustain themselves in low-light conditions are popular, alongside window boxes and rooftop areas.

If residing in a city-centre this summer, and looking for inspiration, why not look to property investment companies such as RW Invest. Many of their luxury developments in Liverpool and Manchester feature rooftop gardens and attractive balconies, perfect for convening in the summer.


There’s nothing worse than going to a family party and having to sit on that one horribly brittle garden chair, with a dodgy leg that looks like it could snap at any moment. To avoid that awkward game of musical chairs when entertaining guests, why not look to invest in some new garden furniture?  A new set of table and chairs will without a doubt encourage you to spend more time eating meals or socialising in the garden, and paired up with a parasol it can give you somewhere to relax in the shade when the sun is really beating down.

Garden features and ornaments, such as water fountains and bird feeders/boxes, can be a great way of making your garden stand out from the rest with an interesting feature piece, and they will give you something to look at when sitting outside.

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