Summer Interior Design Tips

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If you’re already getting excited about Summer and everything it brings, you’ll probably be thinking about your interior design. The arrival of Summer changes everything and that includes the way you use your home. You’ll probably spend more time in the garden, you’ll have the windows and doors open and you’ll have more light to make use of. So, if you’re planning in advance, here are some Summer interior design tips you need to get started.

Bi-Folding Doors

If you’ve got a space that leads into your garden or you’ve got a large kitchen where you spend a lot of time, bi-folding doors are a must for this Summer. Not only are they easy to use, but they allow you to make the most of the light that the season brings. You’ll benefit from hours’ worth of sunshine and it would be a massive shame to miss it. If you like to block out the light during the evening, perhaps for security purposes, custom blinds are the best way to do it. Bi-folding doors are ideal if you enjoy entertaining during the Summer.

Beach Colours

Think blues, sandy yellows and brilliant whites. These colours work perfectly together and complement Summer vibes. They are fresh and crisp colours that you can easily accessorise, and they’ll never go out of style for this time of year. Why not bring the beach to you by adding jars of seashells and sand around the home? You can also experiment with different shades. A deep and dark blue will work harmoniously with a bright sky blue.

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Be a Minimalist

If you’re a millennial, you’ll be familiar with minimalist design. It’s attractive and practical, especially around this time of year. If you’ve got family running through the house or you like to entertain during the Summer, stuffing your home with furniture and accessories will just make it a hazard. Minimalist design also works well with the colour white. Going bright with your wall and furniture colours is a bold move but it never fails.

Bring Nature Indoors

Summer is the ideal time to bring the outdoors, indoors. Adding plants in your rooms and even attempting to grow your own herbs inside is extremely popular and probably always will be. If you haven’t got a green finger, you can always opt for faux plants and flowers instead. If you have a garden, bring your own flowers in from outside. Wild flowers always capture the spirit of Summer the best.

table and plant


If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to accent the designs you already have in mind for Summer, precious metals is an ideal choice. Gold framed mirrors, copper lighting, silver vases- they’ll all make a fantastic statement. You don’t have to mix your metals but mixing them will send a bold statement and you may be surprised by how well they complement each other.

Summer designs should be full of fun and character, so don’t be afraid to express yourself when you’re planning your new interior.

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