Summer Matcha & Mint Lemonade

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I love matcha tea, not only tasty and healthy, but very versatile too as it comes in a powdered form. You can use it in cakes, smoothies, drinks and more. So when I received Matcha & Mint from EatCleanTea I got really excited. They asked me to review the product and create a summer drink recipe with it. Easy -peasy. The affair of matcha and spearmint is just such a delightful combination like green tea and jasmine. They work incredibly well together, offering a summery, refreshing taste. Their joint forces will boost your metabolism, increase your energy, improve your digestion and cleanse your skin from the inside out.


I was wondering what could possibly work well and make this combination even better? And so I decided to add some summer fruits wich will boost the taste without sugar. Something which can accompany rather than depreciate the minty tea flavour. This is how I came up with the idea of matcha lemonade. Hope you’ll enjoy it on warm summer days 🙂



How to prepare it:

1 cup of double strength matcha (2 portions of matcha for 1 cup of hot water)

1 lemon, sliced

1 lime, sliced

6-7 strawberries, sliced

Handful of mint leaves

Ice cubes

Fizzy or still water

Prepare your matcha, making sure that the powder dissolves perfectly and let it cool for 5 minutes. Then grab a jug, add the ice and then all the fruits plus the mint leaves. Add water (still or fizzy). Stir it gently, avoiding breaking the strawberry pieces (in wich case the drink goes a little bit red). Enjoy.



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