Summer Outdoor Dining Essentials

summer party

The al fresco dining season is here, it’s been a long wait! Finally summer is around the corner so we can have casual meals in the garden and on the balcony or host a dinner party. I’m a huge fan of dinner parties, the best thing to get the family and friends together without any special occasion, just for the fun times and being together. There’s nothing nicer than having a summer garden party when the nights are balmy and warm or snuggle up under a blanket on the terrace or in a swing seat when the night gets cooler. 

I’ve listed my favourite and essential items for outdoor entertaining In your garden. Hope you will find some inspiration.

Summer outdoor dining

Swing seats 

These are truly one of my childhood favourites. Sitting in the swing seat whilst waiting for the lunch being served on a warm Sunday. Such a nostalgic feeling! There are so many beautiful and modern, minimalist swing seats are available, you just have to find a lovely, shady spot for it in your garden. 


I think this is essential – you might even need more than one! A good quality parasol with thick, water repellent material can also take double work load: providing shade in the heat and cover from a summer shower. There are a variety of options for high-quality summer parasols to choose from. 

Folding chairs

Use them as your permanent outdoor chairs or keep some extra ones in the shed for extra seating when needed. Storing them in the winter is pretty space savvy! Surprise guests? No problem!

Ice machine

You can invest in one of these if you often need more ice than just for a few drinks or you just don’t like making ice cubes on the regular way.

summer party

Bottle cooler

It’s very handy because it saves you trip to the fridge. Just sit back, enjoy the the conversation and refill your glass.


They are both very decorative as well as useful if you place a candle in them. This way you can avoid the insects too. Lanterns are very good for setting a lovely, chilled atmosphere too.

rustic table

Tea lights or candles

Or any candles indeed. They look very pretty and you can use insect repellent candles against the mosquitoes.

Barbecue station

Even if you have the tiniest garden or terrace, barbecue is really a must have. In summer evenings, putting the grill on and eating freshly grilled food for dinner with your family is such a lovely thing to do. When it comes to purchasing a you really need to find the right size and the right extras it offers. I just had a browse on Lionshome and found some very good ones I liked along with accessories.

Ice lolly moulds 

Ice lollies are everyone’s favourites, children or grown-ups. They are the ultimate summer treat: cold, sweet and fruity. I often make them and I can’t imagine a day without them when it’s really hot outside. Serving them as dessert for summer dinner parties – the home made version naturally – is so such a nice thing.

Drink dispenser

These are really trendy nowadays but they are also very useful: you can prepare 10 litres of home made mint lemonade at one go and let your guests to help themselves. 

Wooden serving boards

These look so rustic and outdoorsy, I absolutely love the revival of the natural, minimal design of them More importantly, all you have to do is just put everything on them and they will look nice without any food styling.

food board


For cooler evenings comfy blankets are great to have nearby and just throw them on your lap or around your shoulders for some extra warmth.

Bean bag

They are not only very comfortable (my kids love them!) but they are also transferable to the living room at the end of the summer season, especially if the cover is washable.


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