#Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Folakemi from Peacocks Can Fly

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What are my #Supermamas interviews about?

Initially, I thought Im going to do a few interviews in the couple of weeks leading up to Mother’s Day. But then I realised that I know so many fantastic Supermamas, that I will keep running these series. My weekly interviews are about mums, who have given up their professional life after becoming a parent and decided to do something completely different for living. In these interviews real women are telling me about their journey of becoming a mother how they have changed their way of thinking about work, pursuing dreams and making money.

Folakemi supermamas

I came up with this idea when I realised that I’m lucky to know so many wonderful women. I really am surrounded by #supermamas. Most of all: my own mama. She started an evening course at the university and she was reading law when she was pregnant with me. By the time I was in pre-school, she graduated summa cum laude and became a lawyer! And others too: friends, blogging buddies and creative business owners I have met lately. They are juggling it all: looking after the children, having a newly found profession, running a new business and inspiring us. Their stories are a real inspiration to everyone.

I truly believe when a child is born, a mother is born too. And so we change. We grow, learn and become stronger. We should embrace all these changes and use their power to nurture, create and find our passion. So these mums took risks, pushed themselves, overcame self consciousness, challenged themselves again and again until they found their very own path to balance. My Supermamas Interviews are about them.

#Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Folakemi from Peacocks Can Fly

Folakemi supermamas

Folakemi from Peacocks Can Fly and her sons

Can you please introduce yourself?

My name is Folakemi Sebiotimo. I am Nigerian-British hence the name. I have 1 brother and 1 sister. My mom and dad both live in Nigeria hence I have very limited local family support in the United Kingdom. I migrated to United Kingdom as an international student. I am a wife and mom of 2 boys aged 5 and 2. I currently live in Kent and work in Canary Wharf as a IT Business Analyst (my degree was in Computer Science). I am married to a supportive husband (also originally Nigerian) for over 6 years. We met in London, Liverpool Street. My blog is called “Peacockscanfly”, it is a mummy lifestyle and career blog.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to become a Doctor but ended up studying for a Degree in Computer Science.

What did you do before becoming a mum?

I was working in the City of London as a Software Developer and then a IT Business Analyst

Why did leave that job?

I still work for the same company but on a part time basis. I also run my blog as well.

What do you do now?

Apart my part-time job, running my blog, I also organize career coaching events in London.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about my family and empowering individuals to make choices that optimize their personal and professional and business growth and allow them to live their best life.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere- on the train, TV, magazine, book, travel, social media

Did you learn to say no?

I had to know when to say No otherwise I would constantly lose my sanity and drop many balls.

How did you overcome uncertainties and self-doubt?

I still struggle with this but I am learning to let go of things outside my control and believe more in my abilities.

Did you have to convince your family about making the leap? Or did they support you from the very beginning?

My husband did not have a clue about the world of blogging. He didn’t understand why I always had to take so many photos or constantly glued to my laptop. He also didn’t think it was lucrative. Over the years, he has become more supportive given how much I remain passionate about blogging.

What’s your latest project?

I am writing a self-help book for working moms.

Name a thing (or two) you used to give a shit about – but not anymore:

I used to care about people that judged my parenting approach such as sleep training particularly for my first baby but I did not care one bit for my second baby.

Fill in with the first word comes to your mind:

I believe in…miracle
My super power is...i’m a woman
Being ethical means to me…having a high moral standard
Right now I’m most excited about….my upcoming book
My dream job is…by the beach
The most important thing I can teach to my child is….perseverance

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  1. what a lovely interview series — support amongst bloggers and creators is such a special and important thing — glad to see you doing this!!

    1. Author

      Yes I fully agree with this. Bloggers should help and support each other.

  2. Another lovely interview for the series, it’s funny how our dreams change once we have children isn’t it.

  3. What a fab series, it’s so nice to see bloggers supporting each other there, and I love getting to know and discover new blogs too x

    1. Author

      Ah thanks so much! It’s also so interesting to know how others became a blogger or chose another profession after having children.

  4. What a great interview. It sounds like she has a really good work life balance. Learning to have boundaries when you are a working Mum is so important

    1. Author

      It was another of my favourites. I’m lucky to have some great blogging buddies.

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