#Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Sarah from Halia Rose


What are my #Supermamas interviews about?

My weekly interviews are about mums, who have given up their professional life after becoming a parent and decided to do something completely different for living. In these interviews real women are telling me about their journey of becoming a mother how they have changed their way of thinking about work, pursuing dreams and making money.

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I came up with this idea when I realised that I’m lucky to know so many wonderful women. I really am surrounded by #supermamas. Most of all: my own mama. She started an evening course at the university and she was reading law when she was pregnant with me. By the time I was in pre-school, she graduated summa cum laude and became a lawyer! And others too: friends, blogging buddies and creative business owners I have met lately. They are juggling it all: looking after the children, having a newly found profession, running a new business and inspiring us. Their stories are a real inspiration to everyone.

I truly believe when a child is born, a mother is born too. And so we change. We grow, learn and become stronger. We should embrace all these changes and use their power to nurture, create and find our passion. So these mums took risks, pushed themselves, overcame self consciousness, challenged themselves again and again until they found their very own path to balance. My Supermamas Interviews are about them.

#Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Sarah from Halia Rose

Sarah Supermamas


Can you please introduce yourself?

I’m Sarah, mum of 2 little ones (4 and 2 year old) and owner of my business, Halia Rose.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be an Olympic Swimmer! Whilst I did swim competitively to a high standard, I never made it to Olympic level as another sport took over and I played lacrosse for England instead! (My brother won an Olympic Silver Medal at the Rio Olympics so, by association, at least there’s one in the family!)

What did you do before becoming a mum?

I worked in the corporate world for a large healthcare company during which I moved to Singapore and latterly I was Regional Manager for a wine company across South-East Asia.

Why did you leave that job?

I had my first child and as maternity leave was only 2 months in Singapore at the time coupled with having a difficult birth and no family living in the same country, meant I wasn’t ready to go back to work after 6 weeks so I decided to take some time out to spend time with my new baby.

What do you do now?

As mentioned, I had a difficult birth with my first baby and I wanted to feel like me again – being able to wear gorgeous jewellery was part of this and I also noticed that colour had a real impact on my mood; I recognised other mums were in the same boat so the idea for Halia Rose jewellery was born! I believe every mum deserves to look and feel good (however old your children are!) Halia Rose is an award-winning baby-safe ethical jewellery collection that is stylish but also practical and durable for busy mums. Made of 100% non-toxic and BPA free silicone it can be tugged, pulled, chewed etc and won’t break (the jewellery is also dishwasher proof so you can keep them clean and as good as new every time you wear them!) Not only gorgeous as a statement piece day or night, they are ideal as teething accessories or fiddle beads when breastfeeding. I also have a range of baby teethers and children’s accessories to cater for all ages. The name Halia Rose comes from a mix of my inspiration and roots…both my children were born in Singapore and I wanted something to reflect this as they were (and continue to be!) my inspiration plus also my English roots. Halia is the Malay translation for Ginger and Rose is the flower of England…my daughter also has ginger hair and her middle name is Rose!

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about helping mums look and feel great about themselves (however old their children may be!) My business has the same ethos too – by adding something ito your outfit that is designed for you and with colour can have a real impact on how you feel.

Where do you find inspiration?

My children are my biggest inspiration. Seeing the world through their eyes and the curiosity they have is incredible. As a family, we love the outdoors and a lot of my jewellery collection is named after flowers and nature.

Did you learn to say no?

I’m still working on this as there are still so many things I want to do but I definitely prioritise what’s important and that does mean saying no to some things.

How did you overcome uncertainties and self doubt?

I think when you go through any changes in your life there is always an element of uncertainty. Moving abroad, having a child, starting my own businesses etc has certainly brought challenges but I think if you believe in something enough then you make it happen. I also think it’s better to think “I tried” rather than “what if?” You also never know what you can achieve if you never try it – some of my most amazing experiences have come from taking a leap of faith!

Did you have to convince your family about making the leap?

Or did they support you from the very beginning? That’s an interesting one – in a way, my circumstances and maternity leave (or lack of!) forced me into making the decision that I wanted to do something around my children. I know I’m a much better mum if I have something that’s for me and away from mum-duties so I love that my job can be flexible around the children and their needs.

What’s your latest project?

I have so many exciting plans so you’ll have to watch this space!

Name a thing (or two) you used to give a shit about – but not anymore:

I’ve had to learn to live with a little more disorder and untidiness in the house since I had kids!

Fill in with the first word comes to your mind:

I believe in…being kind and true to yourself (and others)
My super power is…juggling real-life!
Being ethical means to me... being conscious about our decisions and how these decisions have an effect on our planet. I’m really proud to use sustainable, eco-friendly and vegan materials for my Halia Rose jewellery collection.
Right now I’m most excited about….I’m launching a new collection very soon, which I’m super excited about!
My dream job is…I’m doing it! I absolutely love what I do, and knowing that I’m helping mums feel great by wearing a piece of jewellery that’s designed for them (but which is also safe to wear around their children) I’m also grateful that I can do a job that is flexible around my children.
The most important thing I can teach to my child is….being kind and to believe in yourself

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