#Supermamas – Interview with Claire from Bumps Babies Tots And Teens Mummy Diaries


What are my Supermamas interviews about?

Over the upcoming weeks around Mother’s Day I’m going to run a weekly interview series featuring mums, who have given up their professional life after becoming a parent and decided to do something completely different for living. In these interviews real women are telling me about their journey of becoming a mother how they have changed their way of thinking about work, pursuing dreams and making money.

I came up with this idea when I realised that I’m lucky to know so many wonderful women. I really am surrounded by #supermamas. Most of all: my own mama. She started an evening course at the university and she was reading law when she was pregnant with me. By the time I was in pre-school, she graduated summa cum laude and became a lawyer! And others too: friends, blogging buddies and creative business owners I have met lately. They are juggling it all: looking after the children, having a newly found profession, running a new business and inspiring us. Their stories are a real inspiration to everyone.

I truly believe when a child is born, a mother is born too. And so we change. We grow, learn and become stronger. We should embrace all these changes and use their power to nurture, create and find our passion. So these mums took risks, pushed themselves, overcame self consciousness, challenged themselves again and again until they found their very own path to balance. My Supermamas Interviews are about them.

Supermamas Interview Series: Introducing Claire from Bumps Babies Tots And Teens Mummy Diaries


Can you please introduce yourself?

Hi there, I am Claire. Im 33. Wife to Matthew and Mummy to 5 boys. Cameron 15, Harvey 12, Mckenzie 7, Caelan 5 and Cohen 3.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I went through so many phases of what I wanted to be when i grew up. I can remember wanting to be a Nurse, Teacher, Fashion Designer and a Travel Agent.
What did you do before becoming a mum?
I was at college studying my A Levels.
Why did leave that job?
I left college as I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and I found out I was pregnant with my eldest son.
What do you do now?
I am an OFSTED registered childminder.
What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about giving children a good start in life. Giving them the tools to be able to succeed in life. Making sure they have equal opportunities.
Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from my own children and the future I wish for them. I also use my life experiences as inspiration to keep going and knowing my own self worth.
Did you learn to say no?
It has taken me a lot of years to actually find it in me to say ‘no’ to people. I used to be a ‘people pleaser’ and put myself out. Not anymore, if I don’t want to do it I will tell someone.
How did you overcome uncertainties and self doubt?
Again, this is from life experience. Growing up, I used to have a lot of self doubt and low self confidence. Having not so nice life experiences and situations, plus being mother. I reckoned I had to be a role model to my boys. I had to get rid of the self doubt. I too deserved a life and to live, the life I wanted. This is what happens when you realise, you are the only person to have your own back.
Did you have to convince your family about making the leap? Or did they support you from the very beginning?
I didn’t have to convince anyone. I was in a place when I realised that I was the only one that was responsible for my life and I had to take control and stop others controlling me. Once you’ve experienced being alone and having no one in your corner, you kind of find the fight once you realise your self worth. Once that fight is there, you become unstoppable.
What’s your latest project?
Obviously, I have my blog, Bumps Babies Tots And Teens Mummy Diaries. But I’m also in the process of setting up a SEND parents support group in my town. I’ve also just been accepted by the charity Best Beginnings to be on their parent panel.
Name a thing (or two) you used to give a shit about – but not anymore:
What people think about me and what they say about me behind my back. I am who I am, I know who I am. If people want to believe gossip, let them. I’m glad that I give them something to talk about.

Fill in with the first word comes to your mind:

I believe in…Unicorns…you did say the first word that comes to mind 
My super power is… Sleep
Being ethical means to me… wise
Right now I’m most excited about…. The weekend is nearly here
My dream job is… Im doing it!
The most important thing I can teach to my child is….To believe in themselves. That they are unique and that’s why they shouldn’t not to compare themselves to others. To try their best, their best being the best for them and no one else. To always use their manners and to be kind to everyone, even those that aren’t so kind to them. 

Find Claire on her pages:

Her blog is Bumps Babies Tots And Teens Mummy Diaries http://bumpsbabiestotsandteensmummydiaries.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BumpsBabiesTotsAndTeensMummyDiaries
Twitter: www.twitter.com/BabiesTotsTeens
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Mum25boys_84
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Hayley @ Mission: Mindfulness February 27, 2018 - 9:52 pm

Wow 5 boys! Love Claire’s answers. Sounds like she’s a very busy lady!!!! #thesatsesh xx

fridgesays February 28, 2018 - 9:32 pm

#thesatsesh How cool, my favourite answer was that Claire already is doing her dream job. Thats called winning. Fab series – I’m enjoying reading them, thanks also for sharing them via our linky. Looking forward to next weeks 🙂


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