Supporting Your Parents into Assisted Living

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Sadly there comes a time in our lives when our parents need more assistance. Planning for retirement and living senior life is something we all look forward to as time nears. 

However, for some people, ill health, medical conditions, and more mean that independent living isn’t always an option, and the best solution is to move into a residential care facility.

Helping your parents plan for this move can be hard. even more so if they are against the idea. Recognising they need more care than they can provide themselves, or you can offer them is the first stop for a movie like this.

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Be Open

When making arrangements, as much as possible, include your parents or parents in all discussions, including why you feel this is the best option, the type of care they need, and the facilities available.

Talk through the financial implications this would mean for them and how this move will affect their lifestyle. It’s better if they can choose which one is better for them. Do they want a center with resort style facilities or just a simple one? Include them in the discussion.

Sort Through Belongings

Some facilities will require that your parents move in with just a few home comforts such as photographs, blankets, and minimal practical items as they don’t have the room. Talk through with them what they would like to happen to their belongings to allow you to make arrangements ready for the move. For example, it may be that they want different heirlooms and family treasures to be passed down to other family members and large furniture items can be sold or donated to charity.

House Sale

If your parents own their house, one of the major issues you will need to address is selling their home or asking them what they would like to happen to the property. Could it be rented out to pay for ongoing nursing care that is required or fees associated with different living assistance costs? Knowing what their wishes are will ensure it is carried out for them when the time comes.

Who To Contact

If your parents are moving to a care provider that takes over all of their care and meals, then you will need to supply them with the best contact details for family members, doctor information and insurances, and so on.

Different levels of assisted living will mean different levels of care and involvement from third parties. If you are ever worried about what your parents are receiving, there are local nursing home abuse attorneys at your service that can help you with problems arising.

Making sure your parents also have contact information for not only yourself but their care providers, legal assistance such as the power of attorney requests, doctors, and insurance companies.

Remember, this is a big upheaval for your parents. Some conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can make the process more difficult due to their reduced capacity to understand what is happening around them fully. Take the time and care to appreciate the enormity of the situation and let them know you support them each step into their new lives.

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