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Sustainable Advantages of Window Shutters

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No wonder shutters were invented hundreds of years ago: they were the most efficient way to insulate buildings. A lot of heat enters and leaves the house through its windows – so when the builders of the era realised this, they came up with the obvious solution: using shutters as extra layer of insulation that work both ways; keep the heat in and keep the heat out depending on the weather conditions. They were also used for security and provided privacy from outsiders passing by.

Arguably, shutters have a whole host of environmental advantages in comparison to curtains and blinds.

So, what are the sustainable advantages of window shutters?

room shutters


As mentioned above, shutters were invented to provide a better insulation for buildings. About 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows and about 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows becomes heat – more if the window isn’t insulated. But shutters being a brilliant and almost natural temperature control champion can help you with that. In fact, well-fitting shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by 58%. And if you combine them with double or triple glazing – their performance can improve up to 75%. This will obviously save money on heating costs for you too!


Of course you can buy a PVC version of every single thing on Earth these days, but shutters are traditionally made of hard wood and they still are. Look out for FSC certified wood that’s been responsibly sourced from sustainable forests and woods. So simply opt for these. There are different wooden shutters available: wood, hard wood basswood or even MDF. Hardwood shutters often made with Paulownia is very sustainable yet an inexpensive option. Paulownia is a fast-growing timber that is strong yet lightweight, so it is ideal for window shutters. With finishes it’s also possible to the durability of the wood, so it lasts longer.

Sustainable Advantages of Window Shutters


Durability is also key in sustainability, because no matter how sustainably is produced, if it doesn’t last as they intended to, it’s not sustainable. But shutters are made to last. Window shutters are incredibly durable. Whichever shutter you choose, they will be robust and built to last. Unlike blinds, they will be fixed in place which ensures they’re less likely to break or suffer from wear and tear. Curtains can become discoloured after prolonged contact with the sun. Window shutters can be set to be partially open which allows the required light into the room whilst simultaneously reducing the impact of full sun on fabrics such as furniture and carpets.

Low Maintenance

Once your window shutters chosen and properly fitted, you can practically forget about them. Whilst curtains and blinds need of a bit of a repair every now and then, and we also tend to replace them in every other year because they start to look aged and out-of-date. Wooden shutters on the other hand, are made of much more durable materials. Plus, they are timeless and never go out of style. In the end, less replacing and fixing means much less material wasted in the long run.

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