Sustainable And Cost Effective Ideas Creating The Perfect Garden For Your Tenants


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A garden can be enjoyed all year round if the design is right, and sometimes just the smallest of changes to your outdoor space can give you the freedom to enjoy it more. It’s easier than you think to give your garden a budget-friendly makeover. It doesn’t have to cost the Earth and the good news is: the more frugal the upgrade the more likely to be sustainable as well.

As a landlord, you definitely want to make the garden look its best, because creating the perfect garden is the reason people want to rent or buy a house – and not just a flat. They want the garden and if the garden doesn’t look appealing, it might put renters off. So, let’s not get worried about how to compare landlord insurance, getting reliable renters AND even upgrading the property’s garden.

So here I my ideas ho to create the perfect garden on a budget – and sustainable way.

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Find second-hand garden furniture in good condition

Garden furniture makes every garden more inviting, it says: picture yourself in a hammock in the sun or having an alfresco dinner at this table with your friends. Second hand wooden outdoor furniture is always a lot cheaper than buying new, but even if it’s in a well loved condition, with a little paint, or giving it a distressed, shabby chic look – it’s not too hard to update the look.

Plant flowers in planters

A cost effective way to brighten up the garden is buying a few good looking containers and fill them with colourful flowers. Container gardening is a really easy way to get a garden looking beautiful with blooming flowers, and it’s especially ideal for patios and small gardens.


Some simple ideas are super easy to find, like using pallets and wooden crates and turn them into planters or painted cans make good looking hanging baskets/planters as well. Using your imagination and what you already have – definitely saves lots of money.

Solar lights

Lights are sure to create an inviting and warm atmosphere in any garden or outdoor living area. Solar lights are not only useful when it’s dark outside but they don’t cost so much money these days. On the other hand they don’t need electricity so once you bought them, they go a long way without spending more. You can buy string lights or fairy light for trees or the terrace/patio and stake lights to place them along pathways.

Upgrade what you already have

Don’t think about big things: a lick of paint on a tired looking shed or fence, tiding up edges, pruning and general spring cleaning before the property goes on the market.

Sustainable And Cost Effective Ideas Creating The Perfect Garden For Your Tenants

What are your ideas on creating the perfect garden?

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