Sustainable Gifting 101 for Family Members: Presents For Kids

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If you are a parent, chances are you have already received a number of unwanted gifts for your children. Like with any gifts, this happens all the time but totally avoidable. It takes a little effort to find out what the children really want and the parents agree with. Clearly, most kids want toys and fun. Usually parents’ thinking is to add an educational spin to this to make it more interesting – and I am this parent. I like my kids to have fun and enjoy their toys. But I also like them to play with toys that are clever, encouraging imagination and critical thinking, or they help to develop a new skill. For me personally my go to site has been Wicked Uncle, this is where I source presents when I can. They have a really useful selection of fun, unusual and different presents for children. 

But how to go about finding sustainable gifting options for children in the family? Read on.

Sustainable Gifting 101 for Family Members: Presents For Kids

Do your research

In this case, you can have a chat with both the parent and the child to find out what they want. Find out from the child what they really like and what kind of gifts are they hoping for then check with parent if that’s ok. Asking their parents what they want or need is a productive way to avoid gifting something that will become clutter. 

Make it sustainable

Sustainable can mean a lot of things: something that don’t end up as clutter because of being a duplicate or unwanted present. It can also mean that you avoid unethically made gifts. It can mean you but something that will and can be appreciated for a long time and it can even be passed on. It can mean that it’s a quality item that won’t break because of being made cheaply. It can mean that it’s not a physical gift but an experience. As you can see, sustainable gifting is a lot of different things.

Tactfully include the receipt

There is always a chance that something goes wrong even with your best effort. Be the family member who’s gracious about it. Always give a receipt. Put it in a sealed envelope and put it on top of the item before you wrap it. That way the recipient only opens the receipt if they need/want to exchange or return what you’ve given them and they don’t have to face the awkward task of asking you.

Go For A Personalized Gift 

The gift of giving is not always about the monetary value of the present. Often the best gifts are those that are made with love, effort, and creativity. For this reason, it is important to keep in mind what your child would like to receive for holidays and choose a gift that is personalized to their interests and personality. For example, a customized photo blanket that they can use all year long and will remind them of you every time they wrap themselves up in it.

Think outside of the box

The best gifts are the most thoughtful. So, be creative! Think about the best gifts you’ve ever received as a child. You’d be surprised to find that it’s not always the most expensive and biggest presents. Search your memory when the things people have given or done for you have made the biggest impact. Keep that in mind when thinking about an appropriate gift to give.

Group up

If the gift that the child really wants and/or needs, such as a bicycle, a decent keyboard or guitar lessons or anything that is although a big value gift and you on your own can’t afford it but the child could clearly benefit from it, your could always consider to get other family members involved and together you might just present the youngster with the best present they ever got. And it could well be the most sustainable gifting option too!

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