Sustainable and 100% Waterproof Shoes: Introducing Loom

loom shoes

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When it comes to footwear, people tend to think as long as it’s vegan (so it’s not made of leather), it’s as sustainable as it gets. But the truth is far from this. Shoes that are branded vegan are often just use cheap plastic (virgin plastic on the top of it, not even recycled plastic) and they fall apart in no time, because they are poor quality – so they will just end up in the bin.

But truly sustainably produced shoes are not only made using sustainable materials using a sustainable technology but also last a long time so when you invest in one (because they are not £5 Primark shoes) you can be rest assured that they worth the money.

loom shoes

About Loom

Loom is the ultimate waterproof sneaker. They will remain dry so perfect for every weather – that’s why they are branded as all-weather and all – terrain shoes. So you can get to use your Loom shoes anytime you want to. Loom shoes are city-appropriate and designed with outdoor activities in mind. This sleek, wear-anywhere sneaker is meant to tackle any setting – rain, mud, snow, slush – you name it. Also, they are made of a shock-repellant and temperature-regulated material, so they are a truly all-in-one: city life, sport, work, outdoors, indoors and even water wear. 

They are totally unisex designs and come in women and men sizes as well as stylish black and a white version. They retail at £184.59 but currently on winter sale they only cost £73.10. Available on the website:

What are they made of?

Loom shoes have a Merino wool interior, an H2-Go waterproof layer, and an Excelcast sole.

Merino wool

Merino wool is known for its temperature regulating ability, so it will keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s also antimicrobial, so no unpleasant shoe and foot smells, because the infection-causing bacteria stays away.

H2-Go waterproof layer

This special layer makes the shoes completely waterproof. Wearers can even go swimming in them and their feet will remain dry.

Excelcast sole

This was developed by podiatrists to support the foot and deliver maximum energy return. It supports higher performance while running and protects joints from shock. The Excelcast sole makes Loom suitable for team sports, running, hiking, and high-impact training.

loom shoes

What Makes Loom Footwear so special?

Waterproof: Our waterproof and moisture-wicking technology allows our shoes to be one of the most advanced in the market. Fully waterproof sneakers (permanently)

Engineered for Comfort: Through multiple rounds of testing, the perfect cushioning system was created to maximize comfort for you. Extremely comfortable

Breathable: Made with materials that absorb and release moisture from the air, so that your feet will never feel moist or sweaty again! Breathable, so your feet don’t sweat

Anti-Odor: Contains moisture-wicking material and antimicrobial properties that destroy bacteria in sweat that creates Odor, keeping your feet fresh at all times. Antibacterial & Anti-Odor (no more smelly feet)

Lightweight & Flexible: Walk miles without your feet feeling heavy and maximize comfort for your feet.

Earth Friendly: Made with cruelty-free material sourced from some of the most eco-friendly farms in the world. Sustainably made.

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